Promise you'll stay?

I looked into his blue eyes and said, "Do you promise me that you won't leave me? He looked at me smiling. "I promise you. And I give you my word!" I smiled at him as he pulled me into a hug. That was the last time I or any one really ever heard or saw him.........


10. Killer on the Louis

Molly's pov:

I went out to get more food since Harry and Louis were going to be staying with us now as our gust. Well I was out how ever I made a new a new friend. He was tall and quiet with a black quiff. "Hi I'm Molly." I walked up to him holding out my hand. He smiled at me taking my hand. "Zayn Malik." ":Nice name I don't think I have ever meat someone named Zayn." Zayn smiled at me then laughed, "Well Molly guess what?" "What Zayn?" "Now you have." He smiled at me proudly cause he made a joke. I laughed and said, "Your right I have now."

"So what brings you here?" I looked at Zayn and said, "A friend of my boy friend is staying with us for awhile something happened and he can't go home." Zayn looked at me shaking his head. "I see.... If you don't mind me asking you what happened to him that he can't go home?" "He almost died. A killer is on the lose and it might hurt him or it might hurt his family." Zayn looked at me worried. "Omg I hope he's okay." I sighed and said, "you and me both Zayn."

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