He knows he's not normal, but that doesn't stop him from trying to be. As fate would have it, he can't escape the destiny that was written for him. As a half vampire, what are you to do?


2. The fight

Chapter 2:


I gulped as I reached for the doorknob, turning it slowly.

And, not surprisingly, everyone was staring at me. Really awkward I must say. But I guess that’s the prize to pay for being late. I sighed, as I saw my new teacher. He looked like the type to not forgive easily…or even at all! He was bald with strict, green eyes and had a big nose. He was dressed in formal clothes, as if attending an important party. I sighed once again, and walked towards him.

“Excuse me sir, I’m really sorry for being late…”

He snorted and looked down at me. “May I have your full name, please? He inquired.

“Ah, yes… My name is Shion – Shion Kogara.”

“Well, mister Kogara, I suggest you find an empty seat – Immediately! I don’t want you to disturb this lesson any further!”

“Y-yes sir, I will do that right away sir!”  I stuttered.

I quickly turned from the desk, scanning the room for empty seats. I found one; last row near the windows. I rushed through the crowd of students, all whispering and snickering, never leaving their eyes on me. I ignored them, and reached my destination. As I got seated, I noticed my seat partner. He was glaring daggers at me, clearly still annoyed from our little bump-into-each other. Who would have thought we were in the same class? And just why were we seat partners? I sighed for the third time today. Lady luck doesn’t seem to favor me, and it is surely going to be a long year… And to make things worse, I had the feeling my new teacher already held a grudge against me.

The lesson started once again, and I, even though I should pay attention, drifted into thoughts. I thought about a lot of things. One of them was of my pet dragon Momo. I met her when I was just a small kid…I think I was about 10 years or so…don’t sue me if I’m wrong! Anyway, this “dragon” is a dwarf, and only grows the size of a large dog when fully grown. That makes me able to keep her, though, I’ll have to be honest, we have to hide her at all costs, and we can’t let her out…sadly. It took me a heck of a lot of effort to convince dad that I was a responsible young man, able to take care of a “pet”. One of the unconvincing facts was that I was only ten at that time, and the other fact that this “pet” was a dragon, an illegal creature, and since its illegal…it’s a crime to keep it as a pet. But what can I say? It was literally clinging to me!

And…even though I knew it wouldn’t do anything…I still couldn’t help myself from thinking about my “mom”. I have never known, nor met her. I guess it’s kind of lonely, when you see kids with their mothers…and I guess I am curious as to how it feels to have a mother. Back in elementary school, the other kids never understood, when I told them about my situation regarding my mother, and some even mocked me about it. Dad never told me anything about her, not even her name. I don’t know why he doesn’t feel like telling me…after all, I have a right to know, don’t I? The only thing I can guess about her is that she was probably a vampire…I mean, why else would I need and crave blood? My dad told me, that half vampires needs blood daily for a living, while full-fledged vampires developed the ability to suppress that crave, practically not needing blood at all. They could drink it, if they wanted to, that is. But it wasn’t necessary, and they were more than capable of living off of normal human food. That was one thing half breeds didn’t get. You could kind of say that the half vampires were more like the real vampires, regarding the issue of blood.

Back at the main thought…I would do anything to just see this so called woman that was to be my mother. But I have also learned that you shouldn’t strife, for something you don’t have, and probably never will attain. Through some more and less painful experiences, I have become fully aware of this.

Last, but not least, and certainly not the least important, my hunger. The thought usually wouldn’t bother me, but lately my hunger has been growing increasingly, and it kind of worries me now, especially considering the fact that I am surrounded by humans. It’s not that I don’t believe in my own self control, it’s just…yeah how should I put it? Frightening? Discomforting? Well, in any case, I’ll have to be extra careful, and maybe dad might be lucky enough to get more patients. Honestly speaking, it is rather uncomfortable knowing that I might as well not have a dinner, depending on my dad’s business. But oh well…no one ever said life was a walk on roses. I can only hope that my eyes won’t betray me, and turn red on their own. That’s another annoying thing.


I snapped out of my thoughts, and looked at the source of the loud sound.

“…huh…?” I mumbled. I was obviously not expecting this.

“Being rude much, Kogara? Not only have you disturbed this lesson by your lateness, you also don’t pay attention. Honestly, why do I always get these kinds of students?” My new teacher said, rather annoyed. He looked at me like I was a lost case.

I sweat dropped and looked around me. Everyone had their attention, once again, on me. I knew I was the only one to blame for this, but it still made me really uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be?

“I…deeply apologize, mister…?” I stopped at the ‘mister’ part, not knowing his name.

“Hmpf! The names Haijo! And don’t you forget it! Now, I would advise you to pay attention, young man. You might just get a free ticket to the principal if otherwise.” He said with obvious sternness in his voice.

I would get a free ticket to the principal, at the first day of high school? No thank you!

“I will, mister Haijo. I can assure you that. I shall not disrespect you any further, even if it weren’t my intention in the first place.”

Haijo only snorted as a response, and continued the lesson, asking another person for the answer to his question. This time, I did my best to pay attention, but still couldn’t help myself from glancing at the watch now and then. When the bell finally did ring, I let go of a breath I didn’t know I held. I was about to leave for a break, when a firm and strong hand gripped me from behind. I looked at the owner of this arm, and frowned. Why did it have to be me?

“Hey, you, Shion were it? I really don’t like you, you know that?” The spiky blond boy said. “You piss me off, trying to act all cool and goody good! Who do you think you are anyway?” He continued.

I stared at him in disbelief. Was that really my first impression on him? What about the others? I glanced around the classroom, and, for the third time today, found myself in the center of attention. I cursed under my breath. Wrong move, it would seem, because the blond boy took it rather badly and only continued with his stupid taunting.

“Hmmm? Want to take this outside?” He asked, glaring daggers at me.

“I would rather be free…” I told him as calmly as I could. I might be a patient person, but this guy knew how to hit a nerve.

“And I don’t think so! We’ll take this right here, right now!” He roared, and lashed out at me.

I quickly dodged, with speed I didn’t know I had. He looked confused for a second, but regained his composure, and lashed out once again. Though, this time, he was also moving extremely fast. The other kids in the room began to gasp and whisper, some even rooted for the fight. At who, I didn’t know, nor did I care. This was ridiculous, and I couldn’t see a purpose for it…dad did tell me that guys tended to fight…but come on, how would I know? I haven’t really known anyone around my age…Well, anyway, back to the fight:

He came at me with an incredible speed, almost matching my own. He had his fists ready for a punch, and that punch was definitely reserved for me. But I did not want him to feel the taste of victory, even though I’m against violence. I really can’t explain how I felt at that moment…almost…exciting. I found myself grinning, and I avoided his punch once again. He cursed and turned around to his opponent, but I didn’t give him the change to even sense my presence. My fist smashed into his face, making him shriek in pain and fall backwards. He held his nose in his hands, blood pouring out from it. My eyes locked on his nose, clearly distracted by the sweet smell of his blood. I felt a sudden urge to run over and lick the blood, my stomach arching and rumbling like it never has before. And that’s when it hit me: I was about to lose control.

The spiky blond boy, completely oblivious of his opponent’s situation, got up and smirked, making him have a sadistic look on his face. The blood was a bonus to this look, and it would have frightened most.

“…You’re good.” He said, still wearing the sadistic smile.

I, however, did not even bother to respond. I scanned the room, searching for the door. When my eyes found its destination, I ran as fast as I could, scooting through the crowd of people watching the fight. I had to get away. But I should have known that wouldn’t have been as easy as I’d hoped for. Seriously though, this day really sucked, literally. Lady luck seemed to have a certain dislike to me, at least today.

The boy was suddenly ahead of me, blocking the door, and my only escape. I stopped, looked confused, and then terrified. Something was wrong about this boy…

“And where do you think you are going? Chickening out all of a sudden? Well, you won’t get anywhere without fighting me!” He roared, and suddenly bright lightening was making its way over to me. I shrieked in surprise, quickly stepped away, and instinct took over me. I no longer needed the common sense I took so much pride in. My eyes glimmered bright green and my mouth rose to a smirk, then into a full maniacal smile, making the blonds sadistic one back out in shame. My shadow, without my knowledge, lashed out and hit the blond’s shadow, sending a jolt of pain through him. He looked around for the source of the hit, and when he didn’t find anything, he directed his attention to me once again, and gasped. He was clearly surprised by my sudden change in appearance. That did not stop him though. He sent several bolts of lightning across the room, towards me. Several kids screamed and fled the ‘classroom changed to battlefield’. At one point, surprising considering my lack of common sense, the thought of where the teacher might have gone off to, crossed my mind. Were we really allowed to fight like this? These thoughts didn’t last long, and was quickly replaced by new, more violent thoughts.

My shadow reflected the bolts for me, making me able to move forward and attack. Easy prey, I thought, but I was wrong. He had silently slid a bolt of lightning behind me, striking me at just the right time. I screamed in pain, and fell to the floor, momentarily paralyzed. He ran over to me and kicked me in the gut. I gasped and I could taste my own blood in my mouth. His leg moved back, and was just about to launch a kick again, when I grabbed it. I pulled hard at his leg, sending him crashing to the floor, just besides me. I manipulated my shadow, and began to strangle his, and I could hear the choking sounds my opponent was making. I felt an exciting thrill run down my entire body, but it was quickly replaced by utter disgust and horror. I was about to kill this boy.

I willed my shadow to stop, and made it come back to me, carefully and quietly. I could hear the boy pant and breath heavily, and guilt rushed through my entire body. I felt like I was going to puke. My common sense had once again returned to me, and at some point, I wished it hadn’t. The moment I realized what I was doing, I felt disgusted with myself. This…monster inside of me…It was just too much.

“…I…I” I stuttered. “I’m so sorry.”

The blond boy coughed a bit, then answered: “You’re…you’re an Eraser, aren’t you?”

Huh…Eraser? What in the name of god was that? What kind of nonsense did this boy speak? Did he hit his head when he fell? I decided to confront him, instead of being run over by a train of questions.

“…What do you mean by “Eraser”? What is that?”

“…Are you seriously telling me you don’t know? What kind of rock have you lived under?”

“Well…Excuse me…” I said a bit annoyed.

“Heh…an “Eraser”, is a power user, able to fight and defend against monsters. They are humans made by humans, back when our technology was still in its best. To make a long story short, Erasers are killing machines, created as humans’ weapons. They have special powers, and are born from water tubes, with DNA from their mother and father. It is their duty to kill the monsters. And…as you might have guessed…I’m one of them. In fact, I’m the only one in this school. Up until now, it would seem.”

I sat there for a bit, mulling over what I had just heard. It was clear that I wasn’t one of these “Erasers”, but the fact that they existed, still surprised me. Why haven’t dad told me anything? Does he know anything about them? Well, that wasn’t the problem as of now. He thinks I’m one of these “Erasers”…So why not play along? I certainly did not wish for my secret to be revealed. I just wanted to live a normal life.

“I…guess I am.” I replied half-heartily.

“Heh…thought so. What kind of power was that, anyway? I have never seen anything like that!” He exclaimed, suddenly feeling better.

Oh no…how to reply to that…

“Uh…I have the power to…how to say it…manipulate my shadow?” It was a question on my behalf, but the blond boy didn’t seem to notice, and mulled it over thoughtfully.

“Hm…I have heard about that before…wasn’t that the Screamers power?” He asked, looking a bit suspicious.

Screamer…wait, I seem to recall that name from somewhere…That’s right! I remember! I read it in a book my dad had when I was a kid. But…aren’t they extinct? What the hell is going on with me?

“Uh…I guess…The humans created me to have similar powers to them…I don’t really know any more than that.”

The boy was about to reply, when the door to the classroom opened with a crash. In came two teachers, one of them Haijo, and a man who looked like a principal (how can a person look like a principal? Well, this guy did).

“Kogara, Mayeda! Come to my office, NOW!” The man that was obvious the principal, yelled. He was fuming, and had a red face from anger. The other two teachers were shaking their heads disapprovingly. Haijo looked at me sternly, the look of a lost case in his eyes now without a doubt. The other kids were covered behind them, staring with their curious eyes. Great…just great! This day couldn’t have gone any better!

So much for the first impression, wouldn’t you say?

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