He knows he's not normal, but that doesn't stop him from trying to be. As fate would have it, he can't escape the destiny that was written for him. As a half vampire, what are you to do?


1. The beginning

The war between humans and monsters dragged itself for dozens of years. Many people didn't believe it was ending anytime soon, but then it did. The rage was finally drowned in blood and both the humans and monsters backed out to lick their deep wounds.

But they could never heal them completely. The monsters recovered a lot faster than the humans did; and so they made sure they weren't forgotten. During the war, most of the power sources had been destroyed: electricity generators had been crushed, the pumping system was in pieces, and petroleum extraction sites had disappeared. All the elements necessary for modern cities had ceased to exist, and so the humans had to start anew. However, the monsters were paying attention. Every time humans tried to rebuild something, the monsters destroyed it yet again and again, until people gave up. They started living in a post-modern civilization, lit by candle light. Means of transportation were rare, since there was no way to power them; carriages started to be built, as well as steam-powered trains. Suddenly the world was back in the 19th century. But it wasn't only the monsters that destroyed. Humans did, as well. They hunted some innocent and some not so innocent creatures and annihilated them. Most supernatural races were eliminated during the war. The amount of bloodshed was enormous and everyone's hands ended up dirty.


During the war, one of the main targets was the screamer race, famous for feeding off of people's fear and controlling their one shadow for various ends. Although they looked just like humans, they were born from crystals. They did not age and looked the same since they left the crystal and until they ‘died’. The crystals they were born from only grew in a certain cave, a sanctuary like place, carefully protected. However, the humans were still able to get there, killing everyone on their way. They entered the cave with heavy axes and crushed each of the crystals carrying future Screamers inside, hoping to extinguish the race.

Despite their efforts, a crystal was left untouched, with a female Screamer inside. While screamers were inside the crystals, they were connected to the earth, and knew what was going on outside. After leaving the crystal, they lose this connection.  So when the woman was born form that last crystal, she knew of the war raging on, and knew she had to hide, even though she actually meant no harm. She was a beautiful woman, with glossy black hair and bright eyes. There was something magical about her, a divine shine that was sure to make her standout. So she chose a discreet name for herself - Terumi - covered her hair and dressed in a long dress, hiding her beautiful skin. She left the cave, hoping for a better world, and searching for survivors of her kind.


Chapter One:



Who….Are you……?

...Why…Are you looking at me like that?

..Are you crying..?


Wait!! Don’t go!!!

….Why…Did you leave me? Do I know you? Do I?






‘’Shion! Get up! You have to get ready for school!’’

I woke up to the sound of dad’s loud voice.  I felt like hell.

‘’Why do I have to go to school this early in the morning?! ’’ I yelled, pretty annoyed.

‘’Stop complaining Shion! It’s not like there is a ‘’night school’’ around the corner!’’

Dad sounded even more annoyed. And when dad was annoyed… *Shudder* …I don’t even want to think about it! I got on my feet and started walking over to the stairs. My head was spinning and I felt like I would faint at any minute. It was always the same. I felt like crap every single morning. And you would think I would get used to it! But my body has its own life. It apparently doesn’t care whether I have done this a million times or none at all. Speaking of which, I was pretty hungry. I had to skip meal yesterday, because dad hadn’t had any patients.

‘’I really hope dad gets patients today.’’

My eyes had turned red and my fangs were growing longer. It really was a pity… When I was younger, I could go without blood for days! But as I started growing older, my hunger grew just as much. I am 15 years old now. And today is my first day in high school. I knew I couldn’t stay home from school this time. I want a different…No, a normal school life. I want to make friends this time! Not like in middle school. Everyone there was scared of me. And I would make a very bad influence by not coming on the first day!

‘’…I just hope I don’t fall asleep in class.’’


I bid myself in my tongue….Again. I hated it when my fangs were long. And I hated tasting my own blood. That’s not what I wanted. It didn’t taste nearly as good as others, and it doesn’t satisfy me at all.

I was finally downstairs; dad was sitting in the kitchen, reading his newspaper. He noticed me, and turned his look from the paper. He let out a big sigh, and waved me over.

‘’Are you so hungry that your eyes turned red? …Seriously, Shion. What should I do with you? Your hunger is insatiable! It’s only been one day…’’

‘’…I know!! I’m sorry, okay!? It’s not like I want this either!’’

‘’….*Sigh*… I know. Calm down Shion. I had one patient this morning. Here you go!’’

Dad threw a bottle with some red liquid in it. I quickly caught it, afraid it might break.

‘’…Be more careful with it, dad!! It could have broken!’’

‘’But it didn’t.’’

Dad was smirking. Damn, I hated when he did that.

I took the bottle to my mouth, sniffed at the liquid, and then took a big mouthful. I frowned in delight. It was one of the rare bloods. They tasted especially good. I slurped the last down, and sat next to dad. He looked at me, strangely annoyed.

‘’Isn’t there something you have forgotten, young man?’’

‘’…Uhm…Thank you?’’

‘’…Oh god, Shion… Just because you don’t feel well in the mornings, doesn’t mean you can’t use your brain! You have to go to school!!’’

‘’…Oh! Yeah, that’s right! …….Hey!! You didn’t have to say it like that!’’

‘’Whatever, get going already! You DO remember the way, RIGHT?’’

Dad was looking at me with strict eyes. Did he absolutely have to be this way?

‘’Of course I remember!!’’ I said, very annoyed.

I took my bag and rushed out of the door. But I soon returned, having forgotten my umbrella. Dad was yelling something at me, but I didn’t listen. I was already late as it was. So I didn’t want to hear anything unnecessary. I quickly left again, this time determent and prepared. I still remember the stares I got from people walking by. They probably thought it was weird that I walked with an umbrella on a sunny day. But there was nothing I could do about it. I’d rather get stared at than fainting. The only time I didn’t get weird looks was when it was raining.

‘’Oh! Well, hello there, Shion! You seem to be in a rush today!’’ An old lady stopped me, smiling very nicely.

‘’Ah! Sayoka! Hello!’’

Sayoka is an old woman in the sixties. She works in a grocery shop. She has always been kind to me. When I was younger, she even gave me some things for free. She knows that I’m weak in the sun, and has always seemed to care and worry for me.

‘’How are you today, Shion?’’

‘’I’m fine thank you! Just a bit busy is all. You see, it’s my first day in high school, and I’m running late!’’

‘’Oh! Well I’ll let you go then. No need to be even later, just to chat with little old me! Hehe, I wish you the best of luck today, Shion. I’m sure you’ll get some friends.’’

‘’Thank you, Sayoka! That means a lot. I’ll see you later!’’

And then I ran. I went past many buildings, old and new, to finally reach my destination. It was right there, right in front of me, a large building with a billion windows. There were a lot of people at my age, running around and walking past me. It all felt so weird…So unreal.

I looked around again, to see that I was one of the last students outside. The last remaining rushed in through the large front doors. Right after that, the bell rang, making me shut my sensitive ears with my hands. A rush of panic ran through me, realizing the thing that shouldn’t have happened: I’m running late.

‘’Some impression I’ll make today’’ I said through a sigh.

And with that, I ran. As soon as I was inside, I bumped into someone, the force of it making us both fall backwards. Unlike me, he had some books, which were now all around us. I recovered a lot faster than he did, so I stood up, brushed my uniform for any dust, and held my hand out for the stranger. He suddenly smacked it away with his, cursed in his breath, and got up himself. He had spiky blonde hair, more spiky than mine, and brown eyes. His uniform was a mess, and I doubted it was because of our little bump-into-each-other. Our eyes met, and I could see that he was really pissed.

‘’Fuck man, watch where you’re going!! I’m already late as it is!’’ He snarled.

I held up my hands in defense ‘’Whoa there, relax!’’ I said.

‘’Whatever! I’m out of here!’’

And with that, he ran.

I sighed ‘’what an unfriendly person…I don’t hope everyone is like that.’’

I continued down the hall, until I reached a door with a sign that read: ‘Class C’. A couple of days before the start of school, they had sent everyone, including me, a letter with schedules, classes, vacations and such. I had to complete 3 years in high school, and since this was my first year, I was assigned to class C. Next year, I would be in class B, and then A. That’s apparently how it worked here. I gulped as I reached for the doorknob, turning it slowly.

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