He knows he's not normal, but that doesn't stop him from trying to be. As fate would have it, he can't escape the destiny that was written for him. As a half vampire, what are you to do?


3. Hideaki

Chapter 3:


I was sitting outside of the principal’s office, alongside with the blond boy. I never really got his name, but did I even get the chance to? I don’t think so. We had been sitting for…10 minutes, was it? I didn’t count. Neither one of us had said a word since our fight.

“So…what’s your name? I never really had the chance to ask, you know?” I said, breaking the silence.

He looked at me, opened his mouth, closed it, and then opened it again, as if mulling over whether to tell me or not. Come on, how hard could it be? If there was one thing I learned about him in our fight, it was that this guy had serious attitude problems. Does being powerful make you like that?

A minute later or so, he finally decided to answer.

“The name’s Akira, and don’t you forget it!” He said proudly, puffing his chest like a little kid. I sweat dropped. Was I ever going to understand this guy?

“So…you think we’ll be at each other’s throats from now on, or what?”

“Nah, dude…you’re powerful! Besides, you’re an okay guy.”

What? A moment ago, he was all like: “You piss me off - and - who the hell do you think you are?!”… Now it’s official, I will NEVER be able to understand this guy…

“Uhm…thanks, I guess?”

“So…” He continued “I have decided to follow you!” He exclaimed, and my jaw dropped. I must have made a pretty weird expression, because he started to laugh. For the love of god, why me?!

“You’re funny, dude! I’m really starting to like you!” He said through laughter. I remember my dad telling me something about ‘men bonding through fists’…is that what he meant?

I sighed, and decided to let it go. This was better than having an enemy, right? …Though, somehow, I was starting to doubt that…

I looked at him again, and he was grinning like a big idiot would, as if he had done something completely stupid. I took a deep breath. Bad idea, because I had completely forgotten about the blood smeared around his face. My stomach rumbled, and I cursed it under my breath. Akira noticed it, smirked, and started to rummage through his front pocket in his pants. I raised an eyebrow, and wondered what he was doing. When he found what he was looking for, he held a chocolate bar out in front of me. I looked at it in confusion, but quickly realized that he was offering me “food”. I couldn’t start arguing with him about what “food” was to me, so I took it, and smiled.

“Thanks, Akira.” I said, still maintaining my smile.

“Don’t mention it.” He said, grinning.

I unfolded the paper of the bar, and took a small bite. As usual, it had no taste to me. But I didn’t want to seem rude, so I finished it in mere seconds. Better get over with it fast, was my answer to the problem.

“Thanks.” I said again.

“Welcome…Better now?”

“Yeah…” I lied.

He looked at me again, but this time his grin disappeared, and he was staring right into my eyes.

“Dude…your eyes are red!” He said with disbelief in his voice.

Oh shit, just my luck. Curse you, eyes!!

“Ah…yeah…you see…” Think Shion, think!! “It’s…a malfunction of my creation and powers…” I said, nervously. I could only pray he would buy it.

“Oh…” He said, still staring. “That’s…SO COOL!”

“Huh??” I said, completely surprised by his reply.

“Yeah, dude! I’d always wished for something like that! I’m so jealous!”

Did he have a split personality or something? This boy confused me to no end, but I was relieved nonetheless.

“A-anyway…” I said, but was interrupted by the secretary, who had been so quiet this whole time, that I hadn’t even noticed her. She adjusted the glasses on her nose, making them reflect the light of the sun, and giving her an eerie look.

 She cleared her throat, just to make sure she had our attention, and said:

“The principal is available as of now. He requires your presence, so I would suggest you go in there…immediately.”

We looked at each other for a brief second, and then proceeded to stand.

“I guess this is it…” Akira stated.

I could only nod as we went through the door to the principal. The room was quite large, and had a lot of fashionable furniture, considering our “circumstances” regarding technology. The floor was of beautiful dark brown wood, with matching green walls. There were large houseplants, swirling around each other gracefully besides the door, and a little longer away was a water and coffee machine standing side by side. The floor had an old-style carpet with many different patterns and in the middle of the room was a large desk with various things on it. The windows were at the end of the room, made so that one could see the forest just below. Various paintings of all kinds were hanging on the walls, leaving only a few empty spots. In front of the desk were two plain chairs positioned towards the front.

Both Akira and I walked to the chairs, and sat down, not having seen the principals face yet, because of his big black leather chair turned away. Only a few golden hair locks could be located at the top of the chair.

We sat there in silence for a few seconds, and Akira was beginning to twitch. After a minute or so, the black highchair spun around, showing the principal. My eyes widened as I saw a man looking quite a lot like Akira, with blonde hair and brown eyes. He had a stern look, and was glaring at Akira. Then, all hell broke loose.

“YOU IGNORANT FOOL!!” He growled, and Akira flinched.

“HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET INTO TROUBLE EACH AND EVERY DAMN DAY!?” Akira seemed to get smaller and shrinking into the chair, and I could do nothing but watch.


So this was Akira’s father? I didn’t expect that. I looked over to see him looking like a chibi with fake tears in his eyes. With a blink of an eye, he was standing tall and looking angry towards the principal.

“Shut up old man! You don’t even know what happened, and you go all bat-shit crazy on me! Give me a break; can’t you see that I’m all bloody?! A parent should worry damnit!” He shouted with his previous attitude.

The principal was now standing as well, looking just as angry.

“I may be your father, but you’ll refer to me as principal in school! There’s paper on my desk, so clean up your face.”

Akira grumbled, but did as he was told. As soon as he had wiped his nose clean of blood, I felt relieved. I no longer had to fight with the need to taste his blood. Apparently, the principal hadn’t noticed me this whole time, only fixated upon his son. I could only wonder how many times Akira got into trouble.

As much as I would have liked to remain quiet and not get involved, I knew I had to make my presence known. I mean, I wouldn’t want to know, how long it took, until he noticed.

“Eh, Mister Principal, I really think you should hear Akira out. There are always two at a fight, and I’m afraid I was that second one.” I said politely, too politely to be liked. I cursed under my breath. Why did I always have to act so formal when meeting new people?

This made the principal turn his head from Akira to me, and for a second, I could swear I saw his eyes widen. Was that from shock?

He stared at me for a long time, and Akira raised an eyebrow at his father’s weird behavior.

“Old man, what’s up?” He asked.

The principal seemed to snap out of it as he stuttered a name out.

“What was that?” Both Akira and I asked.

“Hideaki…” He answered, never taking his eyes off of me, and I was beginning to sweat.

Almost immediately, Akira tensed and looked grave. He gave me a look and then turned to his father.

“Father, of all places, why mention him here?”

“He…looks like Hideaki.”

This had Akira turn to me again with a critical look. Though, before he could say anything, the principal began to speak again.

“Boy…are you perhaps related to Hideaki? Do you know him in any way? Are you associated with him?”

His questions caught me off guard, and I didn’t know what to say. Who was this Hideaki person they were talking about? I had never heard of him before…and I looked like him? Well, they said you had a doppelganger somewhere in the world, so it wouldn’t surprise me. The thing that made me wonder, though, was the way they changed from angry to serious. It was unnerving.

“No Sir, I do not know of him. I have never heard of his name before, so I do not think I’m related to him.” I answered sincerely.

This had them look at each other. What was going on anyway? I felt like I was being interrogated. Akira then patted my shoulder, giving me one of his many grins.

“Dude, if you say so. Don’t worry yourself about it. Although…it is kind of weird, that you don’t know him. Everyone at least knows his name…” Akira said looking genuinely confused.

This was getting nowhere.

“Then, who is he? Now I can’t help but be curious.” I said after several minutes.

This time, the principal answered.

“Hideaki is…the enemy to all mankind. He is the one who started the war, thus making him the leader of all the monsters. Everyone fears him, and he is the last vampire on earth.”

The last vampire on earth….

This day was getting weirder and weirder.

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