Ariana pov:

so louis just dropped me home and i was kind of bored :( so i called Taylor and asked if she wanted a girls night in since i wasn't in the mood to go clubbing and getting drunk, yeah sure we haven't done anything since after the brits said Taylor i kind of felt bad cause i had bean spending a lot of time with Perrie, Louis and 1D and totally forgot about Taylor ugh im so dumb, yeah im so sorry about that just bean busy so we up for tonight i said its cool dont worry about it i know you have a crush on Louis and ill call Pez and invite her said Taylor and didn't even let me answer about the louis thing and cut they call. 

Perrie pov:

Taylor just called and asked if i wanted to join her and Ari for an girls night in yeah i am tots up for dat was bored anyway i texted Ari if i should i pick up something on the way.



P:helllooo just gettin ready for our girls night IN ;) LOL cant wait do you need anything i can pick it up on the way tell me if you do ? its k i got food and movies i don't think we need anything else 

P:k lol tell me if you, do see ya in a bit 

A:yeahhh willl dooo see ya in a bit ;)


Still Perries pov:

I told zayn dat i was staying the night with Taylor and Ari and told him to call if he needed anything and started to pack my clothes.When i was about to leave Louis and Harry came up to me and i started to smirk hi Perrie where you going said Louis while looking at my bag not that is any of you business but i'm going to have a sleepover with your future girlfriend  pointing at Louis and your ex girlfriend i said while poking Harry, they both awkwardly looked down then Louis asked can i come, HA lol no you can because it a girls night in not a girls night in with Louis i said while walking out the door.

Ariana pov:

i heard i knock on my door must be Pez and Tayl yay i ran down the stairs and without looking i opened the door and hugged the person in front of me when i opened my eyes and saw who it was i literally died of embarrassment it was Louis, hello love i see someone was missing me Louis said while smirking at me i thought you where someone else i mumbled and then quickly added on Taylor and Perrie are coming over soon i said while looking at the clock, yes i know Perrie told me, um k why you here then i said laughing, you know.... just Louis said, i'm sorry i have to do this but im going to have to kick you out i said laughing at his reaction ok but before i go ( he closed the door).... he said, by know i was freaking out i didn't know what he was going to do, he gently kissed me on the lips and opened the door and looked back and winked and me and left i was still shocked on what had just happened and stayed where i was.

Perrie pov :

i was on my way to Ari's when Taylor called and told me that her car wasn't working and if i could pick her up and i said yes and drove to her which was like 5 min from where i was.When I picked up Taylor she was in her pj's and baby blue vans she smiled at me and thanked me for picking her up.When we reached Ari's house we saw Louis getting in his car with a smirk on his face i wonder what had just happened.

Taylor pov :

when we finally had reached Ari's house me and Perrie saw Louis getting into his car he was looking very pleased with himself i wonder what happened i hope Ariana is ok. Louis didn't even see us so once he had gone we parked where Louis had parked and  quickly grabbed our bags and jogged up to Ari's mansion and knocked but then i realised the door wasn't closed so i looked at Perrie who looked quite scared and said i'm going to kill him if anything bad has happened and i nodded and opened the door to find Ariana just staring at the door.We ran up to her and guided her upstairs to her room and asked what had happened she looked at us and then at her hands.oh god i wonder what he did, hey guys ill go get some hot chocolate and then we can talk about it i said and walked out.


her guys ill go get some hot chocolate and hen we can talk about it said Taylor yeah thats a great idea Ari loves hot chocolate.After a while Taylor came back up with hot chocolate she gave a cup to me and Ari and sat down on the bed.SO...... Ari whats up? why was louis here? i'm going to kill that  bastard i said while getting my phone out to call him Ariana grabbed my hand and said Louis kissed me.

Ariana pov :

Louis kissed me i said i looked at shocked Taylor and Perrie, why are you so sad then you like him dont you ? asked Perrie i do i really do i felt sparks but i just don't know for god sake hes Louis Tomlinson i said well gal your Ariana Grande you won 3 awards at the brits last week and you won the best actress award so hes no better then you said Taylor yeah shes right your worth more said Perrie awwwww thanks guyssss your the best i dont even know what i would do without you two i said hugging them. 














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