To Have and To Hold

Audrieonna Vega is a popular kid at Rochester High. She gets all the attention and all the shine, but one day her parents house went under foreclosure. Every one started calling her "Broke Kid! Broke Kid!" No one wanted to hang around her, but this one kid Matthew Larcy. They become friends and after a while Audrieonna wants more than a friendship. Will Matthew feel the same way or will he reject her and her feelings?


2. Why ,Why, Oh Please Tell Me Why

                                          Chapter 2. Why, Why Oh Please Tell Me Why 

          "Mom, Dad i'm home." yelled Audrieonna 

          "Awe man! The thing has arrived." said Audrieonna's younger brother Mica.

          "You know what i'm not even going to dignify that with a response"

          "Cut it out guys. Your human so stop acting like your  aliens. Just be normal for once." said Mr. Vega. 

          "Well, Dad I can't help it that all my sister is a thing that likes make out with her boyfriend all day." 

          "Shut up you little brat! Ummm… Dad no that's not all we do." 

          "Mhm hmm, whatever you say sweetie." With a panicked expression Audrieonna turned and walked out of the living room. 

          "Mom, what are we having for dinner?" 

          "Chicken Alfredo honey" Mrs. Vega said while cutting the chicken into tiny pieces. 
          "Mom I was wondering will it be okay if Mason comes over tonight can't ask Dad right now he is in there with the little monster you call a son." 

          "You guess know that you love each other. Anyways yeah I think it will be okay if he comes over he just has to be home by 10."

          "Alrighty, chick your the best."           

          "Honey don't ever call me that again or Mason will never see your pretty face again" she said with a serious face then smiled.

          "Got it! It will never happen again. Well i'm about to go to my room. Call for me when dinner is done." Not waiting for a reply Audrieonna took the stairs two at a time in a hurry to reach her destination. When she made it to the room she noticed that her window was open. She peeped her head outside to see who was out there, but not seeing anyone she closed the window without a second glance. In a flash of lightning something sprung out of her closet and forced her onto the floor. In a panic she started kicking and punching with all her might. When all else failed she opened her mouth to let out a loud shrill, but as soon as she opened her mouth a hand covered it. 

          "Chill, Chill, Chill it' s just me calm down." said Mason. With a sigh of relief she started to relax then rage flowed through her body.

           "How could you scare me like that? You almost caused me to have a heart attack. Just get off of me. Just Move!"

           "Hey, Audrie I didn't mean to scare you I thought it would be romantic."

           "Romantic, romantic! Well that was about as romantic as a horse's left butt cheek."

           "I'm sorry will you forgive me please." He looked at her with those cobalt blue eyes and she knew she couldn't refuse.

            "Yes, I forgive you just don't do anything like that again okay"

            "Got it so, should we go downstairs."

            "Yes we should of downstairs so my parents can speculate how you got into the house with using the front door." 

            "Yeah right ummmmm okay. Well i'll just head back out the window."

            "You should do that" After Mason went out the window she decided that she should probably fix her hair and go downstairs. Ring! Ring! was the sound of the doorbell. Mrs. Vega answered the door with a cheery greeting.

            "Hello, Mason how are you this evening"

            "Wonderful Mrs. V" When he mother turned her back he sent Audrieonna a wink which was returned with her rolling her eyes. With the he came in greeting her father and dinner went as it usually did. He father joking about how Mason used to dress upon his mom's clothes and parade around the neighborhood. When 10 came Audrieonna escorted Mason to the door gave him a quick hug and retired to her room. Having been laying in bed for 2 hours Audrieonna finally drifted to sleep. Tonight she dreamed a killer coming through her window the same way Mason did and killing her without anyone even noticing. As that hours passed by the scarier the dream got till she finally woke up in a cold sweat. Putting on her slippers she went down to the kitchen to get a class of water. In walking past her parent's room she heard voices.

            "Well Tom I don't know what we are going to do."

            "Me neither, the house is going under foreclosure and I am in danger of losing my job."With hearing this news she raced back to her room and just sat there in the dark. How could this be happening? Why, Why, Oh Please Tell Me Why.






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