To Have and To Hold

Audrieonna Vega is a popular kid at Rochester High. She gets all the attention and all the shine, but one day her parents house went under foreclosure. Every one started calling her "Broke Kid! Broke Kid!" No one wanted to hang around her, but this one kid Matthew Larcy. They become friends and after a while Audrieonna wants more than a friendship. Will Matthew feel the same way or will he reject her and her feelings?


4. Life Sucks Then You Die, But Maybe It Gets A LIttle Better


                                                   Chapter 4 Life Sucks Then You Die, But Maybe It Gets A Little Better 


    Audrieonna pulled into her driveway. There were people standing in the yard. Neighbors and people she didn’t even know. She hopped out of the car and raced toward her parents. 

    “Mom what is going on?” she questioned. She looked her with a wary look in her eyes. 

    “Audrieonna, honey we have to leave. The house is under foreclosure.” Her mom answered. She knew this would happen, but she didn’t think today of all days it would. With a mangled look on her face she asked could she go get her things. 

    “No, honey the moving crew are getting them and taking them to your aunt’s house.” Her Mom answered.

    “Okay so are we going to live with Aunt Jennifer?” she asked. 

    “No were aren’t just you. Your father and I decided that were are going to move to our house in Maine. Were taking your brother, but leaving you. Between Mason an all of your friends we thought that you would want to stay.” Not wanting to tell her mom about what happened with Mason she just nodded her head in agreement. 

    “Yes, mom that seems reasonable. So when are you guys leaving?”

    “As soon as your father gets home.” Right after the words were out of her mouth her father pulled into the drive. He hopped out of the car. 

    “Have you told her yet Kate?” He asked.

    “Yes, I did sadly, but yes.” With that her dad started ushering her mom to the car.

    “We have to go pick Mica up from David’s house. Honey, you know we love you. Well, are all going to write you everyday, Facebook you, even Instagram stalk you.”  She ran over to her parents and hugged them. 

    “Tell that little brat that I love him.” She said with a sob in her throat. With that they got into the car and drove away. My life has changed so much in these last past couple of days she thought to herself. Everything I was so sure of has been turned upside down. The boyfriend I thought I would someday marry was a cheating douche. The secure suburban life I live is no longer in existence. Everything was off kilter. Now I have to stay with Aunt Jen. On that thought I should head over there and wait for my things to arrive. With that she got back into her car and drove to her house. We she made it there she noticed someone who looked so familiar in the driveway. When she got out of the car she saw that it was Matthew Larcy. What is he doing here? On impulse she walked over there to get her answer. 

    “What are you doing here Matthew?” she questioned. He jumped as if she scared him. 

    “Your Aunt asked me to come over and help you get your things inside.”

    “Thanks, but I think that I can manage. That is if they ever get it here.” He gave her a half grin. 

    “Nah, I'm gonna stay just in case you need my help.”

    “Why do you wanna help me? I have been nothing, but mean to you.”

    “No, you haven’t. I know that was your “clique” that were saying those things.”

           “Well, I don’t know if my “clique” will except me now.”
    “If they are worried about the material things and not the amazing person you are then you don’t need them.” Not knowing what else to do Audrieonna just stared at him. 

    “If they can’t see how genuine you are then thats there loss.”

    “You must be talking about someone else.”

    “No, I’m talking about you. I hear the truck coming so we should move out of the way.”

    “Yeah, of course.” In a matter of minutes the truck came barreling into the driveway. They started unloading it and taking things in the house. After 3 hours they finally got everything in place how she wanted it. 

    “Thanks for the help Matt. Thats if I can call you Matt.”

    “Any time and I like Matt.” He said with a smile on his face. She couldn’t help but to return it with one of her own. 

    “Matt, can I tell you something?” she asked as she plopped down on the bed.

    “Sure thing.”

    “Mason cheated on me with Carson. I still can’t believe they did that to me.”

    “I’m so sorry. To me he was never worthy of you.”
    “I’m no saint. When I found them I kinda kicked Carson’s ass.” She said with a smirk on her face. 

    “Million Dollar Baby” he said as he laughed. 

    “Shut up Matt.” She chuckled. 

    “Make me.” Recognizing a challenge when she heard one she sprung off the bed. Before she could even hit him he tackled her back onto the bed. She started squirming and giggling. He pinned her down. 

    “I thought you were supposed to be making me shut up.”

    “I didn’t get a chance.”

    “I’ll give you one.” He said. Then he leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She got her hands free then unzipped his jacket and took it off. 

    “What did you do that for?” he said

    “Because I can.” She said with a smirk on her face. He reached at the hem of her shirt and took it off. 

    “Why did you do that?” 

    “Because I can.” He ruffled her hair then kissed her. 

    “Audi, honey I’m about to cook dinner I was wondering what you would like.” Her Aunt Jen said as came in the room. She stopped in the doorway. In that instant Audrieonna pushed Matthew off of her and scrambled around trying to find her shirt. 

    “Sorry I should have knocked.” Aunt Jen turned around and walked back towards the kitchen. 

    “Well, that was interesting.” Audrieonna said.

    “Yeah, maybe I should leave.” Matthew said as he was searching for his jacket. 

    “Its by the dresser.” 

    “Thanks, umm I'll see you at school tomorrow.”

    “Kay.” After Matthew left out of her room she started smiling. A few days ago I barely noticed his existence she thought. Now I’m very aware of him. Pale green eyes I’ve never noticed before. Brown hair with flakes of golden at the tips how could I not have noticed that. One thing I am very sure of is that I am ready to go to school tomorrow. With all that sorted out she headed downstairs to explain to Aunt Jen.   


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