To Have and To Hold

Audrieonna Vega is a popular kid at Rochester High. She gets all the attention and all the shine, but one day her parents house went under foreclosure. Every one started calling her "Broke Kid! Broke Kid!" No one wanted to hang around her, but this one kid Matthew Larcy. They become friends and after a while Audrieonna wants more than a friendship. Will Matthew feel the same way or will he reject her and her feelings?


5. I Am Worthy


                                                                                      Chapter 5 I Am Worthy 


The next morning Audrieonna was in a panic. Does this look okay? Will Matthew like how this looks on me? All out of options she chose a zebra print blouse, tan skinny jeans, and zebra print Bobs. I hope he likes this. Needing a second opinion on her outfit she ran downstairs to ask Aunt Jen. 

    “Aunt Jen, how do I look?”

    “Absolutely stunning Hun. Who are you getting dolled up for?” 

    “This is not dolled up, and no one I just wanna look classy.”

    “Whatever you say honey.” 

    “I would love to stay and chat Aunt Jen, but I gotta get to school bye love you.”

    “Love you too.” Audrieonna raced out the door in a hurry to get to school for one reason and it wasn’t to learn. She had been thinking about Matthew all night. She still couldn’t think of a reason for why she was just now really noticing him. Now on her way to school she started having jitters. What is last night was all out of pity for her situation?    As she pulled into the parking she noticed people staring at her. She parked in her spot and reached over and grabbed her purse and binder. She started making her way towards the school when she heard people yelling “Broke Kid, Broke Kid, Broke Kid “ She turned around and saw Carson with her black eye was the ring leader. She started running across the parking lot to give her a matching one on the other eye, but Matthew came out of nowhere and grabbed her. 

    “She is not even worth it Audi.”

    “I wanna punch her in the face, but I might get slut all over my hand.” He looked at her with a serious face the broke out in laughter. 

    “Forget about her. Do you wanna know something?” 


    “I thought about you all night last night.”

    “Me too and what did you think about last night?”

    “Your a good kisser.” He said then laughed. “Let’s go inside.” They walked inside in silence. Everyone was staring at her and muttering something to one another. When they reached the lobby everyone returned to what they were doing. They stood there in the lobby waiting on the bell to ring. Out of nowhere Mason came towards them. 

    “Hey, babe.”

    “Babe I wasn’t your babe when you were making out with one of my best friends.”

    “Really are you still stuck on that.”

    “Yes, I’m still stuck on that.You broke my heart you douche.”

    “Carson is just a hoe. I love you and I want us to work it out.” 

    “There is no working it out. We are done.” Mason reached over and tugged her arm. 

    “Let her go.” Matthew said. 

    “This doesn’t concern you.”

    “If it concerns her then it concerns me.”

    “Are you fucking him now Audrie? Is this payback for what I did with Carson?”

    “No, I am not and if I was it no longer concerns you.” She said holding her head high. 

    “You stay away from my girl.”

    “She is not your girl.”

    “Just stay away from her.”

    “And if I don’t.”

    “There will be hell to pay.” With those last words Mason stalked away. 

    “Don’t even worry about him Matt.”

    “I’m not Million Dollar Baby.” He said with a smile.

    “Shut up Matthew.”

    “Make me.” 

    “You know what happened the last time you said make me.” 

    “I sure do, so make me.” She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. They stood there kissing for god knows how long before the bell rang. 

    “Matthew what are we?”

    “I don’t know, but for now lets just say friends.” Her mood clouded a fraction. 

    “Okay, well friend can you walk me to class?”

    “Sure can buddy.” The day went by slow and dull, but she got happy every time she saw Matthew. Why do I feel this way? We haven’t even been close for that long. Why do I feel this instant connection?          










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