To Have and To Hold

Audrieonna Vega is a popular kid at Rochester High. She gets all the attention and all the shine, but one day her parents house went under foreclosure. Every one started calling her "Broke Kid! Broke Kid!" No one wanted to hang around her, but this one kid Matthew Larcy. They become friends and after a while Audrieonna wants more than a friendship. Will Matthew feel the same way or will he reject her and her feelings?


3. Discretion


                                                                       Chapter 3 Discretion


    The next day everything seemed to be to be all fine and dandy. He parents laughed and joked with Mica as if the conversation last night never happened. Those smiles must be fake, those laughs must be surreal. How can they cover this up so well. If I had never overheard them I wouldn’t even know. Lost in thought Audrieonna didn’t notice the look of speculation in her moves eyes.

    “Sweetie, is everything all right?” Mrs. Vega questioned with concern in her eyes. 

    “Nothing, Mom i’m just umm.” Audrieonna fished for an answer to give her mother. 

    “Oh honey don’t tell me your worried about the Prom.” With a look of relief she responded.

    “Yes, I am so stressed out. I’m just worried about everything being perfect because Prom is right around the corner.”

           “Well, I'm sure Mason is just as nervous as you.”

     “I doubt it he is so mellow and calm when it comes to things like this.” That was the truth nothing ever daunted Mason. He always took things as they came without the slightest notation of it, but Audrieonna was the complete opposite when it came to things like this. Prom was A BIG DEAL!!! Nothing else really mattered but this. Since, her 9th grade year she has been dating Mason and has been looking forward to Prom nothing would stand in her way. 

          “Audrie, honey shouldn’t you have already left to meet your friends. You’ve been lost in thought that you must have forgotten what time it was.” Mrs. Vega said.

    “I guess so Mom. Love you Mom. Love you dad. Sad to say I even love you Mica.” And with that she headed out the door to her car. After she put on her seat belt she started the car, put it in drive and headed to Sally Sundaes . When she got there all of her friends were standing in there usual spots. She parked her car and headed towards them. As she approached them she noticed Mason and Carson were missing. 

          “Hey Ash where are Carson and Mason?”

          “I don’t even know they weren’t here when I pulled up.” Carson replied. 

    “Hmm. Thats weird I guess I'll go and see if I can find them.” Not waiting for a reply she started walking towards the building. As she approached the sidewalk she heard noises coming from the side of the building. Curiosity taking over she started towards the noises. As she rounded the corner what she saw made her think her eyes were deceiving her. Carson was locked in Mason’s arms as they were kissing each other.   

    “What the hell is going on?” 

    “It’s not what is looks like.” Mason countered.

    “What the fuck is its supposed to look like. My boyfriend of 3 years is making out with one of my best friends since kindergarden.” She exclaimed

    “Oh well excuse the fuck out of me, but you knew I liked Mason first.”

    “Whatever you slut. You knew how I felt about him. Like come on we’ve been dating since 9th grade, and you piece of shit how could you even do that to me? When you said that you loved me was that even true?” She fired off at Mason.

    “Ohhh please how could he love you Little Miss. Lets till marriage.” said Carson.

    “You stupid bitch.” Audrieonna charged at Carson. She tackled her to the ground and started punching her in the face. Blood splattered everywhere and hair was all over that place.

    “Stop it! Get off of her Audrie!” Mason tugged her off of Carson only to get punches in the face.

    “Get off the fuck of me. Don’t even touch me.” With bruised knuckles she headed back towards her car. 

    “Audi what the hell happened to your hand and hair?” Ashley asked. 

    “Why don’t you go ask Carson thats if she is still conscious.” With that she hopped in her car and headed home. How could they do this to me? What did I do to even deserve this?






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