To Have and To Hold

Audrieonna Vega is a popular kid at Rochester High. She gets all the attention and all the shine, but one day her parents house went under foreclosure. Every one started calling her "Broke Kid! Broke Kid!" No one wanted to hang around her, but this one kid Matthew Larcy. They become friends and after a while Audrieonna wants more than a friendship. Will Matthew feel the same way or will he reject her and her feelings?


6. Cloud NIne


                                                                                       Chapter 6 Cloud Nine


 When the bell rang she waited in the lobby to meet Matthew. As she was waiting Mason grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. 

    “I saw you kissing him.”

    “And your point is?”

    “My point is your throwing it at everybody. Is this a plot to hurt me?”

    “Mason you are the last thing I am thinking about when I am kissing Matthew.” His face was overcome with rage. 

    “Just wait till I see him.”

    “Mason you cheated on me not vice versa. You can have Carson.”

    “I don’t want her.”

    “You obviously did at one point. Now get off of me.” Almost instantaneously he moved off of her. She started to walk to doors leading to the parking lot the stopped because someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to see it was Matthew. 

    “Hey there you” he said.

    “Hey right back at cha”

    “I thought you were going to wait on me.”

    “I was waiting, but then something happened so I decided to leave.”

    “What happened?”he questioned
    “Nothing really it’s not even important.”

    “Okay so can I come over tonight or do you have plans?”

    “Yes, I do have plans. My plans are to kick it with a really cool guy tonight.”

    “What’s his name?”
    ‘His name happens to be the very special Matthew Ryan Larcy.”

    “Well, thats happens to be amazing.” He put his arm around her shoulders and walked her to the parking lot. We they reached her car he opened the door for her she got in. 

    “I bet when I pull in the driveway that you are going to be there.”

    “I bet so too.” He turned around and walked to his car. Wanting to see if her assumption was right she drove directly to Aunt Jen’s. True enough Matthew was standing in the driveway. Trying to hide was hard. She was happy he was there. 

    “Finally you made it,” he said with a grin. 

    “I was driving the speed limit thank you unlike you.”

    “Mrs. Daisy.”

    “What happened to Million Dollar Baby?”

    “Your a Million Dollar Baby Mrs. Daisy.” She giggled.

    “Where is Aunt Jen her car isn’t here.”

    “Lets go inside and see.” Audrieonna led the way to the front door. She unlocked the door with her key and stalked into the kitchen. There was no sign of Aunt Jen. 

    “Audi, there is a note her on the fridge from Ms. Jennifer saying that she is on a business trip and won’t be back for a week.”

    “Wow a week. Hmmm she didn’t even mention it to me.”

    “Maybe she just found out. You never know.” He walked over to the cabinets and pulled out a bag of popcorn. He put it in the microwave. While he was getting the popcorn ready she went up to her room turned on the TV and searched for a movie to watch. Matthew came up sat the bowl on the dresser and plopped down on her bed. She grabbed the bowl of popcorn and laid her head on his chest. He rapped his arms around her then got comfortable. 

    “What are we watching?”

    “I have no idea” 

    “Cool I like surprises.” After the popcorn was gone and the movie went of she noticed Matthew was asleep. 

    “Matt, Matt.”


    “Get up. You have to go home now.”

    “Do I really?”

    “Yes, you do.” He placed a kiss on her lips. 

    “Don’t you want me to stay.”

    “I do, but that wouldn’t be right.” He kissed her again.

    “Is that right?”

    “No, its not we are friends.” He bit her neck.

    “Tell me to stop.”

    “St----” He didn’t give her the chance to finish because he was kissing her again. Suddenly he broke the kiss and stood up as if he were about to leave. Instead of leaving he took his shirt off. The look on her face said it all. His chest must have been carved from stone. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. 

     “Wow, I take it that you work out a lot.” She said and all he could do was smile.

    “I work out occasionally. I have other priorities.”

    “Name one.”

    “You” Then he pinned her to the bed.

    “Very cheesy.”

    “I thought it was sweet.”

    “We have different opinions.” He looked at her with an amused expression then kissed her. 

    “We don’t have different opinions about that or this.” He said as he tugged her shirt off. 

    “Matthew I think this is getting a little out of hand.”

    “I beg to differ.”

    “This is wrong.”

    “If it is wrong why does it feel so right?” And with that he turned the light off. 








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