My love or my BROTHER?

Well,Im Emily Devine..You probably know who's sister I am?Well yeah,my brother is Josh Devine,yes he is xD
So since you know my name,lets describe me :)
I have golden brown hair with blonde streaks,but they are not artificial they are real...Next I have green-blue eyes and I wear nerd glasses but I'm not a nerd..Weird,next i have a medium sized nose and plump lips naturally xD
I have a medium sized tan kind of like Josh xD so thats it let start the story <3


1. Introduction to the story

Hi guys Im Emily and this is my story

Its about a girl called Emily and her brother is the Josh Devine,She finds a girl Called Stacy probably about 12-13 years old and she needs home.She contacts her parents and they come get her and because they didnt have money they stayed in London in the spare apartment that Harry had.

The next thing Emily knows she is fallig for Louis Tomilson

They get together and BLAH BLAH BLAH

You'll read it geezh

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