My love or my BROTHER?

Well,Im Emily Devine..You probably know who's sister I am?Well yeah,my brother is Josh Devine,yes he is xD
So since you know my name,lets describe me :)
I have golden brown hair with blonde streaks,but they are not artificial they are real...Next I have green-blue eyes and I wear nerd glasses but I'm not a nerd..Weird,next i have a medium sized nose and plump lips naturally xD
I have a medium sized tan kind of like Josh xD so thats it let start the story <3


2. Hi I'm Emily :D

As we were coming in front of the house with Josh's BMW I saw a girl,

She was little,maybe about 12 years old..I told Josh to stop.


J:Yeah sis?

Me:Can you stop for a second?Please I want to talk to that girl over there,she seems sad

J:Sure sis :3

Me:Thank youu 

I kissed him on the cheek and stepped out of the car.I came up to the girl and spoke up

Me:Hi sweetie,are you alone here?

Her:Uhh..Hi yes I am 

She started crying

Me:Ohh don't cry sweetie!Whats your name?


Me:Well Im  Emily,would you like to go with me for some cookies and milk?

Her face lightened up and she immediatly said 

S:Yes sure!I would love to!I haven't had cookies and milk in four years!

Me:Aww well let's go!

I walked up to the car with her in my had.She sat in the back seat and I was in front.

J:Whos this cutie here?Abd why'd ya bring her?

Me:She was standing alone and crying and then I asked her to come and eat some cookies

and milk.

I put on a puppy dog face

J:Fine whatever lets go !

He put n a smile and greeted Stacy


We arrived to there house and Josh parked in the driveway.

I hopped out and helped Stacy out.Josh came behind us.

I knocked on the door and wanted to do a prank so I told Josh and Stacy what it is :)

Me:So before they open lets do a prak,ok?

J:Okay :)


Me:So when someone opens any of the boys I am going to say "I am the girl that you have for a one night stand,and this is your daughter LOL ok?

J:OOOOOh this is gunna be fighsty I'm in :)

S:me too :)


I rang the doorbell and Josh hid behind the car and listened.

Louis came out and everyone followed him xD This is gonna be good :)

Louis:Hi can I help you ?

Me:Yes you can,I have to talk to yout Louis 

Louis:Sure what is it?

Me:I am the girl that you had a one night stand with...and this is your daughter..

As I was trying to hold my laugher..Stacy started fake crying.

Louis:Uhh..I..Oh my god...Sweetie come here


I started laughing and Josh came out from behind the car burstng with laughter

Me:PHAHAHAHAHA you actually believed me,PHAHAHAHAH

Louis:What but isn't this my daughter?

He let go of her

Me:No.Im Joshie's sister and this is Stacy :)

The boys burst with laughter:PAHAHAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA you got scammed AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Louis started laughing with the rest of us

Louis:Well you scared me to death,and come in no?

Me:Yeah Im kind of cold.

Josh:PHAHAHAH you fell for the prank LOLOLOLOLOL

Louis:Laugh one more time,I'll make you someone elses drummer >:( hmph that was a mean joke !

We walked in and I sat on the couch and Stacy in my lap

The boys got comfortable and watched the soccer (football) game of Serbia and Ireland.

I took Stacy's hand and walked to a hall and took my phone with me.

Me:Stacy honey can you tell me your parent's number so I can call them,and please tell me why were you crying?

Stacy:Well we live down the street.My parents,my brother and sister,and me went to the mall.As we were going back a  car didn't stop and hit us in the side.My parents and sibilings got rushed to the hospital and they didn't find me.

I was in tears by then,I hugged her and she continued

Stacy:So then I crawled under the car and got away leaving myself alone in the world.

Me:But when did that happen?

Stacy:Five months ago

Me:They should be fine by now.Do you know their number?

Stacy:Yes I do :) Oh and also their names are Jack and Mary Swoorl



Sorry I don't know english numbers

Thats the moment that Josh came

We called the number and somebdy answered

XxX:Hello ?

Me:Hello is this Mary Swoorl?

Mary:Yes,who is this?

Me:I think I have found your daughter :)

Mary:Oh my God!Where?How?Can we come and get her??

Me:Yes sure,my brother and I found her in the streets and we brought her to our house.Umm and by the way where are you now Miss.Swoorl?

Mary:Oh please call me Mary I'm not a Missess yet ;) And we are in Sweeden

Me:Oh but we are in London...

Mary:We would love to come there and get her but we have no money,Since we have been in the car crash,Jack's card has been dead :/

Me:Oh I'll pay I will book a flight so you can come Just a second



He called the airport and we got the name underr

Me:Okay the flight is in first class you guys are flying alone and the flight is underr..Kevin the pigeon

I immediately thought of Louis

Mary:Okay thank you soo much,I don't know how can we repay you.

Me:You don't have to we would love to helpp :)

Mary:Thank you,I'm gonna go to the airport now bye I will see you there :)

Me:Byee :)

I hung up.

Me:Okay Stace its time to go to bed :)

I went to Josh's room and picked out a t-shirt and a towel from the storage.

I opened up th bathroom and asked her :

Me:Can you take a btah by yourself or do you need help?

S:Can you bathe me please?I don't know yet


I washed her body up and washed her hair with a Nivea shampoo

I put on some of my old underwear on her and put on the t-shirt that I had picked.It was a Nirvana t-shirt 

I blow dried her hair and made a fishtail braid

I kissed her goodnight and she fell asleep

A/N Well guys that was is please comment if you like the story and should I continue with it:) Byez for nowz

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