My love or my BROTHER?

Well,Im Emily Devine..You probably know who's sister I am?Well yeah,my brother is Josh Devine,yes he is xD
So since you know my name,lets describe me :)
I have golden brown hair with blonde streaks,but they are not artificial they are real...Next I have green-blue eyes and I wear nerd glasses but I'm not a nerd..Weird,next i have a medium sized nose and plump lips naturally xD
I have a medium sized tan kind of like Josh xD so thats it let start the story <3


4. Going hard alot of times :P

I got on top of Louis carefully to not wake him up and started kissing his weak spot on his neck

He groaned

L:I wish I could have a wake up like this every morning 

M:Oh yeah?

I kissed him again and sucked on his weak spot

I could feel him going hard.But I just got up and walked away sassy style

L:You tease.

I started running through the house and then he finally caught up on me and held me by the waist

He got closer and spun me around and kissed me :P Then he put me on the counter and started kissing me.Rainbow style

Niall came in the kitchen and

N:Well Lou please no kissy and sassy in duh kitchen.Where I EAT.ON THE COUNTER.WICH SHE IS SITTING ON.

L:Fine than you ain't gonna watch

He picked me up and we walked to the living room he sat down and I was on his lap.We were kissing politely until SOMEONE,I'm not going to say any names (Liam) interrupted us

Li:Well guys breakfast is done :/


Louis shot up and I jumped on his back he put his hand up like superman while I mouthed that I'm more of a Batman girl.I mean I don't like Liam.I just like batman

He just smiled.

We got into the kitchen and I sat down

Niall made 15 pancakes fr himself and 5 for everyone else

So I took 2 from Lou 2 from Li and 3 from Hazza.And ofcourse 4 from Niall xD

Zayn was sleeping

Ofcourse I took the pancakes while he was in the bathroom.He got out of the bathroom and noticed that there are only 11 pancakes.Then the big chase started.

I started running and he was chasing me.I was laughing like crazy,that I think woke the neighbours up.Once we were out and by the pool I slipped on some water and fell on my back.

M:Owwww Louisss

Ni:Oh my god I'm so sorry Emily!

Lou:Niall!Couldn't you be a little careful?!

Ni:Sorry but she stole my pan-

I interrupted him

M:Exuse me but my leg urts like hell could someone help me?!

Josh came running out and grabbed me 

He was still in PJ's,and so was everyone,even me.In my(Louis') superman t-shirt and some tight short boxers.But the T-shirt was oversized so it came to my thighs

We came to the hospital and :

Doc:How did this happen?Sir.

Lou:well she stole my friends pancakes,actually four of them,so he started chasing her.And when they came out to the pool she slipped and fell onto her leg.

Doc:Okay sir,we will try to help

Louis' POV

The doctor said he will try to help.WELL HE BETTER

The doctor came out and:

Doc:she will be fine she just sprained an ankle.

She can go home today sit :)

M:Thank you so much,here

I handed him a hundred pound bill

Doc:Thank you sir,I was glad to help.


*** Three days later ***h

Umm soo Em's leg is fine and we gon get some action

We were all in the living room.

Ni:Lets play truth or dare!


Ni:Okay so me first

Niall spun the botle and it landed on Emily.(Oh and Perrie,Danielle and Niall's girlfriend Asja were there)

Ni:Okay Em truth or dare?


Ni:Hmm dance in Louis' lap.

Emily POV

Hehe this is gonna be good.Louis turned tomatoe red

I walked to him and sat in his lap and started to wiggle my..uhm ass.somehing on his,hmm something.I mean on his Mr Manhood

I could feel him goin' hard and thats what I wanted.

He turned soo red once I got off

Everybody started laughing

So we finished the rounds and we all drifted off to sleep.



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