In the Dark

In Russia, deep in the woods, a werewolf named Xavier lives without sickness, without death. He lived there since he was abandoned as a baby, then a few tourists came into his home land, the White Woods. Austin lives in America with her Mom, dad, and two younger siblings. When she goes on a high school field trip to Russia, she doesn't know that she will never again see her family. Will Xavier and Austin learn to love each other, or will Austin's city folk personality get the best of their relationship?


1. Prologue


I was sitting in the van, in my baby carriage, when I heard a car coming, my mom and dad weren't paying attention to me, and I crawled into the bottom of the floor-board. When the 18 - wheeler hit the van, I cried, we were spinning out of control in the air, and the air bags hit both of my parents in the face, suffocating them. When we hit the ground, I crawled out of the van through the broken windows, cutting my hands in the process. I sat up and cried. I then heard howling and became scared. Just when I was going to wet myself, a pack of wolves came in from the woods. The largest girl, came and nudged me with her giant nose. I instantly loved her like a mother. Then the leading male came and licked my face. I think I had found a home.

When turned seven, I was intelligent in the way of wolves. I could understand their language, how to hunt, and how the ranking system works. One night, I heard growls outside of our cave, and that only meant a threat. I walked outside to see my entire pack fighting nasty rouges. After 30 seconds, every single wolf was dead except for me. I considered myself a part of them. Now I was the ruler of the forest.



I was King of the White Woods.

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