The Zombie Arrival

Two everyday teenage girls,
are in a situation the world has to face.

A zombie apocalypse started and they fled for their lives,
Thriving for their lives to survive,
They meet people on the way as help and helped each other.

Some lives were kept,
Some were lost..


1. // Introduction //

// This is the introduction of the two teenage girls of this story (explaining appearances) //


Aquamarine will be characterizing as: April, a red haired skinny girl with pale skin.


Iam007sobeatthat will be characterizing as: Hannah, a brown haired girl with dark purple eyes.


Aprils personality: A fun and great person to be around, great person to talk to but if you get on her bad side then its over. She's a shy girl that goes into everything but hates just introducing herself to strangers.


Hannahs personality: A fun and jumpy girl that loves exploring and is serious when she has to be but other than that she's a very funny and enjoyable person with a great personality and almost everyone loves to talk to her.


Aprils b-day: 20th of April, Age 14.

(At the start of the book and throughout they age.)

Hannahs b-day: 1st of January, Age 14.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anything else you want to know about the girls?

Comment below! 


I'll write the first chapter when we get 15 reads.

I love you all!


Bye guys!

~ Aquamarine



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