The Locket

When the newest avenger Becky Fraser is faced with the seeming impossible challenge of befriending Loki will things go further than she first anticipated? And when push comes to shove will she choose the man she loves or her friends?


2. The Mission

We landed in the corridor just outside the conference room, as soon as we landed Steve immediately fell over, I just laughed.

“Got a good strong pair of legs there Steve you may want to use them,” I laughed as I skipped into the conference room.

As I entered the first thing I saw was Tony in the corner with his head in his hands with massive sunglasses on hiding his eyes.

“HOWS YOUR HEAD TONY!” I shouted spinning his chairs round.

“Becky leave me alone! I feel awful, how’s your head? Not ready to explode?” groaned Tony stopping his chair trying not to be sick.

“It was but I’m okay. I’m fine once I’m up,” I said spinning around on Fury’s chair, “Hey, where’s the other?” I stopped spinning the chair.

“They’re on their way now,” Steve said as he came staggering in the conference room.

Tony laughed but immediately stopped and put his head in his hands, “Teleport here did we Capsticle?”

“No, pft, what gave you that idea?” giggled Steve nervously going red.

Tony was about to reply with a snide answer when Fury, Thor, Natasha, Bruce and Agent Coulson entered the room with a bang as the door swung open  and hit the side of the room.

“Morning! I’m glad to see you all here bright eyes and bushy tailed!” Nicky shouted as he entered the room.

Tony winced as Nick shouted, “Could you please whisper?”

“NOT REALLY!” Nick shouted in Tony’s ear.

The rest of us stifled a laugh as Tony looked as if he was going to cry.

“Now as we all know…Becky will you get out of my chair?” Nick began before realising I was sat in his chair. I moved next to Tony and started to annoy him by flicking his ear with my mind.

“Right, this is the new threat on mankind…”  Nick continued pointing to the board there was a photo of a tall, skinny man with bright emerald green eyes and long black hair. Although he was skinny he was muscally and his face… It looked youthful but his eyes looked old and dreary, like he had seen terrible things. It was hard to believe that this man was a threat he looked as normal as me or Steve or even Tony! “His name is Loki Laufeyson, he is the brother of Thor but he is not like Thor at all. Loki wants to rule the earth and he has the Tesseract and we think he is planning on using it to do so. However the threat has now increased. Loki in the past two days he has managed to kill 80 people and…”

“He’s a lunatic!” shouted Steve.

“Oi! He may have done bad things but he is still my brother!” Shouted Thor from the back of the room.

“He’s killed 80 people in two days!” Steve agued, he was now stood a couple of inches away from Thor. There is not much distance in the height between them but Thor is much stronger than Steve.

Thor stammered, “H-h-he’s adopted!” before walking back to his place at the back of the room.

“Anyway, as I was saying, the threat has increased he was took two of our own, Clint Barton and Erik Selvig. We believe that he has him under some sort of mind control. He has to be stopped before he has the chance to use the Tesseract. That’s where you come in Becky…”

I spat my coffee all over Tony at that news, “Me! What am I supposed to do! I can’t do anything…”

“Calm down Agent Fraser! When you joined SHIELD you knew that you would have to do dangerous missions…”

“Yes! But not for my first mission!” I cried.

“You have no say in this! You mission is to befriend Loki, get close enough to him so he trusts you and to reveal the location of the Tesseract.”

“How am I supposed to do that? He’ll kill me!” I was starting to panic now. How did they expect me to do that! Why can’t the choose someone else like Nat!

“Calm down Lady Fraser,” Thor said placing his hands on my shoulders and looked me directly in my eyes. “I know my brother and even though he is ‘evil’ as you people insist on calling him, I have never known him to harm a lady. He was always really close to our mother growing up and I do believe that he would not harm you. Trust me and trust Loki, when you get to know him he isn’t that bad.”

“Okay, I trust you Thor and if you say Loki is not ‘evil’ then I believe you because you have known him longer than any of us but he has killed people, 80 in two days! Why me? Why not Natasha? She’s a girl why not her?! How I am even supposed to do this do you know where this Loki is? He could be in Asguard or on Mars for all we know!”

“We think you are more suited to this mission because…because you are the most like Loki.” Fury said turning to the board bringing information up about Loki and the Tesseract.

“WHAT! YOU THINK I AM LIKE A PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER WHO WANTS TO RULE THE EARTH!” I shouted jumping up from my chair and walking towards Nick. I was furious! First they set me up on a mission that I couldn’t possibly do then they compare me to this…this ‘thing’ that killed 80 people in two days!!

“No…No that’s not what I meant… what I meant was…what I mean is…”Nick stammered.

“What Fury is trying to say is you do not remind us of Loki in the ways in which he is evil, you remind us of Loki in the way I remember him. The kind, joker and mischievous Loki with whom I grew up with. He was always ‘joking, as you put it, around’ and pulling pranks on the servants and even our mother,” Thor laughed putting his hands again on my shoulders, “when you pull pranks on Fury and ‘mess around’ with Steve, Tony and Bruce it reminds me of when we were growing up together, you see we were once very close as children but when our father chose me to be his successor Loki rebelled. He did what he thought was right but in the process destroyed a town here on Midgard and nearly killed our father…”

“What! He nearly killed your own Father!” I said starting to panic again.

“…but he did in the goodness of his heart. He wanted Fathers approval. He felt second best so he wanted to prove himself to him that he is worthy to be the future king of Asguard. But trust me when I say this, Loki will trust you because he sees himself in you and I think you will bring back the Loki I knew. It may take time but I believe that you can do it Lady Fraser.”

“Than…” I began but I got interrupted by an agent in the corner of the room.

“FURY WE’VE GOT HIM!” shouted an agent from the corner of the room.

“Great! Send the coordinates to a Quinjet! Nat, Rogers and Stark go and get Loki and bring him back!” Nick commanded to the agent.

“Yes sir!” Nat, Steve and Tony said together before running off to suit up.

Everyone started running around preparing for the arrival of Loki. This was all too much for me. I sat down on the closest chair and went over what has just happened. Slowly the room emptied with different agents preparing different things and I was the only one left in the room, well I thought I was anyway.

“You’re worried.”

I jumped what felt about 10 feet in the air.

“Jesus Bruce! You scared me!” I sighed.

Bruce laughed, “Sorry. What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you be quiet or sit still for longer than 2 minutes.”

“Well, let me think… It’s definitely not that I have to befriend a murder happy loon that could quite possibly kill me” I said sarcastically.

“Hey…hey…look at me,” Bruce said turning me to face him, “Thor knows Loki better than any of us, he’s his brother, and if he says that you will be safe then you will be.”

“But what if I can’t do it? What if I fail? I could get kicked off SHIELD! The world could be ruled my some phyco! What if…”

“What if you turn purple and you nose falls off!?” Bruce joked and I giggled, “There’s the Becky I know! Now a) you won’t fail because I know you can do it and Fury would never of give you this mission if he didn’t think you could handle it, b) they would never kick you out of SHIELD because they see potential in you and c) Do you really think Tony would let anyone rule the earth if it wasn’t him?”

I laughed, Bruce always knew how to cheer me up. I never had a father figure growing up so when I joined SHIELD he took me under his wing and looked after me.

“Thanks Bruce, you’re the best. But I’m still scared though.”

“That’s alright. Frankly I would be worried if you weren’t, now come here,” Bruce pulled me into a hug. I felt safe. We talked for at least 5 or 10 more minutes before we go interrupted by Steve.

“Nick told me to tell you, Loki is here. He’s in the glass prison cell built for the H…” Steve trailed off when he realised Bruce was sat next to me. “Sorry Bruce didn’t see you there.”

“It’s fine Steve” Bruce said.

“Any way he’s in the prison cell built for you-know-who. Nick said to go there straight away. It’s time to start your mission.”

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