The Locket

When the newest avenger Becky Fraser is faced with the seeming impossible challenge of befriending Loki will things go further than she first anticipated? And when push comes to shove will she choose the man she loves or her friends?


3. Loki

I slowly made my way down the long sliver corridors of SHIELD’s base. I wasn’t ready, I had no idea what I was going to do. How was I supposed to get Loki to trust me enough to a) not kill me and b) tell me where the Tesseract is? I stopped at the door and was about to swipe my ID card to let me in the room when I felt someone grab my arm and I jumped.

“Jeeze! I wish people would stop doing that!” I said as I turned around to see who nearly caused about my third heart attack of the morning.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you jump!” Steve laughed, “I just wanted to see you before you started your mission, to wish you good luck.”

“Yeah thanks, I need all the luck I can get!” I looked up into the eyes that I have become so familiar with. They were beautiful, blue, they matched perfectly with his blonde hair. I bet he was a real hit with the ladies back in his day.

“You be fine, but remember Loki is sneaky and manipulative. Just don’t do anything stupid like…” Steve looked to the floor awkwardly.

“Like?” I asked trying to catch his eyes.

“Like falling in love with him!” Steve looked up and I could see in his eyes that he was genially worried. He suddenly looked extremely young.

I snorted, “Me! Falling in love with that…that…thing in there!” I said gesturing to the room behind me.

“I’m being serious Becky,” he stepped forward taking hold of my arms, “Loki is sneaky and manipulative. I don’t want you getting hurt I…I care about you Becky.”

“I know. I can take care of myself.” I turned and swiped my SHIELD ID card to open the door.

As I entered the room I noticed Loki had his back to be me, so quietly I walked round the edge of the circular room looking for inspiration on how to start this bloody mission.

“Don’t think I can’t see you or hear you mortal.”

I jumped and spun round to see Loki staring at me through the glass with a devilish grin on his face. It took me a while to find my words but eventually I said, “I never said you couldn’t, and it’s not mortal it’s Becky.” I jumped and sat on a nearby bench directly in front of Loki.

Loki looked a bit shocked at my response, like he never expected me to talk to him. He stood there for about a minute before speaking, “Well ‘Becky’ I am Loki of Asguard an…”

I cut him off before he could finish his sentence, “and you burdened with glorious purpose, yeah yeah I know!”

“HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY MORTAL! I AM A GOD!” Loki shouted as he hit his hand against the glass wall of his cell, this made me jump.

 I felt way out of my depth here, I was petrified, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. Before I knew what I was doing I transported myself into his cell and shouted back, “I DARE BECAUSE YOU ARE NO GOD! NOT HERE! YOU MAY THINK YOU ARE BUT LET ME TELL YOU, ALL YOU ARE IS A MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN GET WHAT HE WANTS BY BOSSING PEOPLE AROUND! WELL GUESS WHAT?! YOU CAN’T, THAT IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK!”

I stopped myself because I knew I had gone too far. I walked backwards until I could walk no further because me back was against the glass of the cell, I had angered Loki and he charged towards me. He stopped inches away from my face.

“And who are you to question me ‘Becky’?” His breath was walk on my skin all I wanted to do was run away, but I remembered if I didn’t do this mission then the whole world would be at risk. I didn’t dare answer because I knew my voice would fail me and I could feel myself shaking. Loki must have sensed it as well. “Not so brave not, are we?” He put his arm above my head and moved his face even closer to mine.

I knew that if I was ever going to finish this mission I would have to get him to trust me, and that meant I would have to speak to him. I looked up and met his eyes, they were even more green and, I don’t know if this is the right word but, ‘beautiful’. I finally found my voice and spoke up, “I don’t question you and no I am not afraid of you Loki.” He looked at me and smiled,

“You’re not like your fellow avengers. You’ve got more fight in you but inside, behind this front you put on, you are just a scared, weak, pathetic little girl.” As he said pathetic he spat at me and this was the last straw, I used my powers to blast him away and he went flying across the cell and hit the ground with an almighty THUD!


Loki picked himself off the ground and started walking slowly towards me with an evil grin on his face and laughed, “No, maybe I was wrong about you Becky,” His voice was low and velvety smooth it made my heart beat quicken and, along with his devilish grin and emerald green eyes, made my stomach feel like it was tied in a knot. “You got much more fight in you, your prepared to do anything, good or evil,  whereas your fellow avengers are hell bent on doing things the ‘right’ way.”

I realised Loki was playing a game with me so I decided to join in, I started walking slowly toward Loki, “Yeah I am. I’m not scared of people like you Loki, I’ve met worse people than you.” As I finished the sentence we met in the middle of the cell. My breath quickened as Loki moved closer to me so our faced were, again, only inches away from each other.

Loki continued, “I bet you have met bad people, evil people while you have been in the avengers,” He moved even closer and put his arms around my waist pulling me even closer so he face was centimetres away from mine and he whispered, “But you have never met anyone like me before,”

I looked up at Loki and was about to speak, but got interrupted by someone running through the door. It was Steve. At the sight of Steve Loki pulled away from me and walked towards Steve and spoke, “Can we help you with anything Captain?”

Steve looked so worried and his voice nearly failed him when he spoke, “Agent Fraser, you need to come with me now. Director Fury want a word,” And with that said he walked out the room leaving me and Loki alone, again.

Loki turned to face me and said, “It looks like your needed. Until next time, Becky”

 He bowed, but not a normal bow it was like he was mocking me and I thought to myself ‘Two can play at that game Loki’. I curtsied before saying, “The pleasure was all mine,” my voice dripping with sarcasm before transporting myself to the conference room leaving Loki alone once more.

Loki walked over to the bench in the cell and before laying down on it he said, “No, no Agent Fraser the pleasure was all mine,” 

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