The Locket

When the newest avenger Becky Fraser is faced with the seeming impossible challenge of befriending Loki will things go further than she first anticipated? And when push comes to shove will she choose the man she loves or her friends?


4. Escape

Chapter 4- The Escape

I appeared in the conference room where, waiting for me, a very angry Nick Fury was and I was only there about ten seconds before I got bombarded with questions from Steve, and the Nick said,

“Agent Fraser! How could you do that? You risked your life and you could have jeopardised this entire mission! It was foolish and irresponsible thing to do!”

“But don’t you see! That’s exactly what Loki wants? He wants to think he is charge of the situation. He wants to be in control!” I looked around the room to see if anyone was going to back me up, but no one did.

“Becky, I want you to stay here and figure out a mission plan before you make any contact with Loki again, understood?” Nick starred at me until I finally gave him a slow nod, “Rogers stay with her and help her, should she need it.”

 I strode over to my usual chair at the conference table where Steve joined me and sat down on the vacant chair next to me. Nick added before he left,

“Romanoff! I want you to try and get some more information out of Loki. I get the strangest feeling out of all of us; he is the only one who actually wants to be on this vessel”

Slowly everyone leaves,  until there is just me and Steve sitting alone and in silence in the room. I sat there crossed legged in the chair with my head in my hands thinking about what had just happened with Loki. Loki was screwing with my head, I know that, but how could I get close to him- close enough for him to let his guard down around me?

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I was in my own little world when Steve spoke; it made me jump yet again.

“Jeese, you’re a bit jumpy today aren’t you?” Steve laughed, putting his arm around me for reassurance.

“Sorry, you would be too if you had been given my mission! How the hell am I suppose to do it Steve? I am really out of my depth here. I need help.” I was panicking again; I always know what to do! All of a sudden I feel like the defenceless five year old they dropped off at the children’s home 15 years ago after my parents dies and I swore I would never get like that again! I could feel myself shaking in my chair and I couldn’t stop.

“Hey...hey look at me!” Steve took hold of my shaking shoulder and turned me so I was facing him. “I promise I will get you through this mission. I won’t leave you, I give you my word and a man is only as good as his word.”

I looked into his bright blue eyes and I felt so helpless. I couldn’t stop myself, I broke down into tears.

“Come here,” Steve pulled me into a hug and started stroking my hair to try and calm me down, “It's alright. You’ll be fine.”

 I hated myself for this. I felt so weak and vulnerable but here in Steve’s arms I couldn’t stop crying, the tears just kept coming, pouring out of my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop them.

“Right look at me,” Steve pushed me away at arm length, “Here’s what we are going to do, okay, we are going to dry them tears, start to work on this plan of yours and then we are going to go kick Loki's ass and then we will go and get some ice cream? Sound like a plan?” He wiped my tears away with the sleeve of his jumper and looked at me with a charming smile. I couldn’t help but laugh,

“Ice cream? What am I five?” I sniffed as I turned to face the desk where Nick had left one of SHIELDs portable tablets for us to, presumably, put the plan onto.

“There’s the Becky I know!” Steve laughed turning to face the table as well, “Now, I think you better handle that don’t you?”

I grabbed the tablet and quickly unlocked it before answering. “Yeah, I think that would be for the best!”

We spent the best part of half an hour working of the plan before Natasha’s voice rang over our earpieces, “Loki wants to release the Hulk, I repeat, Loki wants to release the Hulk!”

Steve and I jumped to our feet and I was about to run to Bruce’s lab before Steve stopped me,” You stay here and finish off the plan. The quicker you do that the quicker we can sort Loki out before the Hulk is released!” Before I could object Steve ran out the door leaving me alone in the conference room. Steve had a point about the plan so I sat down and got to work on it again.

I was just about finished, approximately 15-20 minutes later, when I heard a massive explosion coming from one of the engines, Loki. I sprinted as fast as I could to Loki’s cell, I had just opened the door when I saw Thor charge at Loki- who had managed to open the cell door- but he fell right through him and through the cell door which immediately closed after him.

“Do you ever not fall for that Brother?” I heard Loki say on the other side of the room, I quickly and quietly edge my way around the room, “,The humans think us immortal, should we test that?” Loki was about to press that would send Thor rocketing to the earth and almost positively kill him. I was about to say something but I heard Agent Coulson speak first. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the noise outside in the corridor, I had to do something or Loki would kill both of the for sure!

“Loki stop!” I shouted running forward to Coulson's side. “Just think about what you are doing. It will only get you into more trouble and you will have nowhere to run because if the base goes down, you will go down with it!” my heart was racing, I had to stop Loki but I have no idea how.

“Oh Becky, if that was only true. You see I do have transport out of here.” Loki said with a sly grin.

“How?” I questioned him.

“You.” Loki made a grab for, who I thought was me but it wasn’t, Coulson. I jumped out of the way before he could grab me as well, “You see ‘Becky’ you have teleportation powers and you will transport me out of here or...”

I cut Loki off, “Or what?”

“Or I will kill your little friend here and the giant oaf in there,” Loki gestured to the cell which now held Thor.

“You wouldn’t,”

“Oh but you see, I would. I plan to take over this puny world but I can’t do that dead now can I? So do we have a deal?”

I was about to answer before Coulson spoke up, “Don’t do it Becky! He’ll kill you as soon as you land!”

“But if I don’t he’ll kill you and Thor!” Tears began to form in my eyes but I fought them back. I wouldn’t show Loki that I was weak! I looked Loki straight in the eye and said, “Okay we have a deal. Now let Phil go!”

“Oh Becky, Becky, Becky you stupid girl!” Loki tutted before stabbing Coulson in the back with his septor.

“NO!” I screamed as Coulson fell to the floor limp and lifeless. I turned to Loki and punched him in the face, “YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU! I TRUSTED YOU!” Loki grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him and sneered,

“Now teleport me out of here you mewling quim, or I’ll kill the other one as well.”

I gave up fighting him and was about to teleport us both out of there before Loki reached out and hit the button that sent Thor plummeting to the earth, but by the time he did that it was too late to stop the teleport. The next thing I knew I was at my apartment in New York, but so was Loki.


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