The Locket

When the newest avenger Becky Fraser is faced with the seeming impossible challenge of befriending Loki will things go further than she first anticipated? And when push comes to shove will she choose the man she loves or her friends?


1. A Hangover

A/N Hey guys this is my first fic I have ever wrote so any feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated :) p.s sorry for any spelling, grammar etc. mistakes :S

Steve’s point of view:

‘Becky always looks so peaceful when she sleeps,’ I thought to myself as I entered her bedroom carrying her cup of coffee. Her head is going to be killing when she wakes up. I told her not to go overboard at Tony’s last night but she never listened she got into a rather competitive game of beer pong with Tony which she won easily. It may or may not have something to do with her telekinetic power. Tony insisted she cheated which Becky denied and the matter was soon dropped and they started dancing, well if you could even call it that more like to drunken idiots jumping around making complete idiots of themselves! It was nearly 8am I better wake her up just in case we get called in by Nick for some absurd mission.

Gently shaking her shoulder Becky awakened.

“Morning” I smiled handing her the cup of coffee when she sat up.

“Oh god my head! Where am I? How did I get here? Last I knew I was at Tony’s.” Becky said half awake and into her cup of coffee.

“Yeah you kind of passed out at Tony’s after your ‘dancing’,” I laughed, “I sort of carried/ dragged you here and put you to bed. I kipped on the sofa…”

Becky raised her eyebrows at me with a shocked look on her face.

“…just to make sure you where alright!” I added hastily. I could feel myself getting redder in the face by the second.

Beck laughed, “Of course it’s fine. Stop panicking. Here...” she patted on her bed by her feet indicating for me to sit down, “You look so awkward standing there sit!”

I sat down and looked round Becky’s room. It was rather small with just a desk, wardrobe, single bed and bedside chest. Her walls were all white apart from one wall with the head of her bed was which was blood red. The rest of the apartment was small as well, I guess she couldn’t really afford much on her S.H.I.E.L.D wage she doesn’t get much because she has only just started there, only a small kitchen which joined onto her front room/ dining room and her bathroom was very basic as well-just a shower, toilet and sink-which was only accessible via her room.

After a couple of minutes of silence, only the slups of Becky drinking her coffee breaking it.

“So how’s your head? You must have drank last night?”                        

“Fine. I can’t get drunk remember my body repairs itself too quick for the alcohol to take effect. Blessing and a curse.” I laughed.

“God I hope Nick doesn’t call us in for a stupid bloody mission!” as soon as the words had left Becky’s lips both of our phones went off. Becky grabbed hers and unlocked it straight away; it took me a lot longer to because I still struggled to use the darn thing! When I finally did unlock it and read the text it read:

Meeting in the conference room at 9am. DON’T BE LATE!



Becky moaned, “Oh no! Why, can’t I just phone in sick?”

“No because Tony will probably do the same and Nick will know you two were out last night. Get ready, I’ll wait for you outside” I said walking towards the bedroom door.

Becky stayed where she was and not moving. ”Becky! Get up!”

“Fine!” Becky sighed and jumped out of bed, “Happy?!”

“Yes.” I said smiling, “But hurry up!” I closed her bedroom door behind me and sighed, must she make a big deal out of everything!


Becky’s point of view

Why this morning? Oh all mornings to get called in early it had to be today. My head feels like it is about to explode! I pulled on a plain white vest top, black skinny jeans and some black converse. I looked at my reflection in the mirror on my wardrobe door. It will do, I don’t really bother with what I wear no one really cares, I certainly don’t! I dragged a brush through my hair and pulled it up into a ponytail, there’s nothing I can really do with it everything just falls out so I gave up trying. I grabbed my jacket and ran outside to meet Steve.

“Ready! How do I look?” I said sarcastically turning around.

“Perfect!” Steve answered with a big dopy grin on his face.

I grabbed Steve's wrist ready to teleport us to S.H.E.I.L.D but Steve jumped back,

“What are you doing?”

“Teleporting us to SHIELD. It’s raining and I’m not walking you can if you want?”

“I hate this but fine,” Steve said bracing himself I knew he didn’t partially like it but it was faster and easier than walking. I grabbed his wrist and teleported us to the conference room. 

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