Wonderland Returns-The Beginning Of The End

"Alice, where are you going dear?"
"Oh mother, why, Wonderland of course!"
Little did she know that Wonderland was no longer the place she experienced, it was far from what she remembered...


1. Chapter One

She flicked her blonde hair in the winter breeze with her white gloves. It had been months since her last visit. She couldn't bear it any longer, she ran off to enter Wonderland.
"Alice, where are you going dear?" 
"Oh mother, why, Wonderland of course!"
"Alice please be careful, it's not real! These games of yours, they could hurt you!"
"I'll be fine."
she giggles

She skipped through the snow over to the rabbit hole, her fluffy boots soaking in the ice. Vines had grown over the opening and it had seemed to of got larger. But she slipped inside, she fell, she couldn't see.

"My, why is it so hard on this grass? What has happened to wonderland...I'm frightened!"
She whispered,
"Alice, dear, You can't possibly believe that everything will be the same. It's been seven months and much is different."
A voice said.
She thought. But only one possible answer there was...
"Cheshire Cat? Is that you?"
She stood and looked around, why was it dark?!
"Of course, who else? But here, I will tell you what has changed, Alice. The Queen Of Heart's suffered from a disease from your world; what's is it called? Cancer?"
At that word, Alice gasped. Cancer had killer her cousin Anne, and she was depressed for weeks.
Her hair mysteriously disappeared when they gave her a treatment from your world, everybody was scared. Some thought you brought it, others blamed the devil. They stopped the treatment because she wanted her hair back, but she died after because the treatment was necessary."
So basically the queen denied needing chemo?
this was scary, oh gosh  

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