My life isn't normal when i was 4 my whole foster family died in a car accident. when i was 6 the adoption agency gave up on finding me a family because i kept scaring them off. when i was 9 the guy looking after me died from the house burning down. now im 17 and my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i really want to find out there with the things i can do. someone who can give me an explanation to why im so different. to why i can't stay in one place. why i have to keep moving around when they find out my secret. i was born to hunt and born to save. But Why?


5. That cant be right? can it?

Just at that moment uncle wanted to say something he said listen boys... i gave up that magic thing ages ago... all forgotten but ye boys are the prince's of shadows... we both seemed shocked... i was so annoyed i just walked off into the forest to a near by cave and used my powers to put a bolder in front so nobody would know i was here... i just went to the shadows and lit a fire in my hand and just stared at it... 


I hate shadows! why did it have to be us?! well i dont know there is no changing the past. just then the bolder slid across when a red head came in with a warming smile it felt like i was... safe she said Roman... I cant believe its you! my thoughts: Um... exactly who are you?

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