My life isn't normal when i was 4 my whole foster family died in a car accident. when i was 6 the adoption agency gave up on finding me a family because i kept scaring them off. when i was 9 the guy looking after me died from the house burning down. now im 17 and my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i really want to find out there with the things i can do. someone who can give me an explanation to why im so different. to why i can't stay in one place. why i have to keep moving around when they find out my secret. i was born to hunt and born to save. But Why?


3. Still On My Quest

So... looks like he is watching my every move... I got annoyed so i went to the hidden lake and saw a guy sitting down he said his name was Ryan and he was looking for his family then i replied thats strange cause i am to... we went to that agency i told you about the doctor took a bit of both of our blood and guess what... IT WAS A MATCH! I found my brother! but we were curious... Where there any other? Me and Ran walked out and we shown each other our powers.


Ryan had no idea about other family and we ended up at the beach and guess what? The miragator was here! So we had a look on it. We both found a key for the captian's qaughters but what was weird we were the only ones on bored... we went to the captian's caughters and the door shut behind us and the room was misty and we heard... Rockhopper's voice saying Ive been waiting for you two he said that he knew us when we were young cause we were BOTH on the boat because... He was out Distant Uncle!

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