My life isn't normal when i was 4 my whole foster family died in a car accident. when i was 6 the adoption agency gave up on finding me a family because i kept scaring them off. when i was 9 the guy looking after me died from the house burning down. now im 17 and my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i really want to find out there with the things i can do. someone who can give me an explanation to why im so different. to why i can't stay in one place. why i have to keep moving around when they find out my secret. i was born to hunt and born to save. But Why?


4. On the quest again!

But then we got teleported into a dark cave when Uncle Rockhopper went over to a dark shadowy like figure then he spoke  after the dreaded silence he said... There is yet alot you boys would be knowing. I looked around the cave for a moment and realized ive seen this cave before... i think it was in a dream?... No that day felt real


But what could that mean there is yet you boys would be knowing? Well i dont know but that was the last of my problems but just then uncle rockhopper said i can help ye find the rest of ye family because he knew where Some of them lived when i asked him are you our mums brother or dads? He said our dads. Makes sence because i heard our mum was adopted and she didn't know her real family... Strange huh? just then we ended up in town Uncle said he was getting some lunch for the three of us but people kept crowding him because he is rockhopper the famous pirate of the seven seas!


but he said he didn't have time for it i could see where he was going with this but not really. After a while Ryan spoke he was a bit shocked he just said ... how can this be happening? And i kind of agreed.

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