My life isn't normal when i was 4 my whole foster family died in a car accident. when i was 6 the adoption agency gave up on finding me a family because i kept scaring them off. when i was 9 the guy looking after me died from the house burning down. now im 17 and my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i really want to find out there with the things i can do. someone who can give me an explanation to why im so different. to why i can't stay in one place. why i have to keep moving around when they find out my secret. i was born to hunt and born to save. But Why?


2. I Cant Find Anything!

Ignoring the voice, I wandered into the misty town to go to the agency to do with family history. When they completed with the DNA and blood tests, there was no match. You can guess I was feeling frustrated, but that's nothing anymore; I carried on.

Every single place I went to was No Match here and Error there. After a while, it was getting dark. I muttered a spell under my breathe and ended up in the medieval times as a wolf. Only then did I realize I had no where to stay.

I had to go to the high council. I asked them for a room. Just as I was in mid-sentence, I noticed a girl about a year younger than me. She suggested I could stay at her place, so I trailed behind her. I think her name was Jemma, but I didn't hear her very well.

Once we reached her place, a tree-house high in the skies, the arrangements got confusing. Jemma, Jenna or Emma decided to mention she had only one bed. I ended up sleeping in the bed with her...

The following morning, she woke me up and said something along the lines of; Good morning handsome

My thoughts reeled over the fact I had slept with a stranger, but it turned out her name wasn't Jemma, Jenna or Emma. She corrected me with Kira and said she wasn't magic, it was a costume. In darkness, it looked real.

Feeling awkward, I decided it was time to leave. Using my teleportation again, I went straight into town. That's when I heard the voice again. But this time it was harsh and female.

You can't ignore me!

Who is this guy?!

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