A New Start

17 year old Lauren life has changed so much! Read to find out how


5. chapter5

Lauren's pov

Me and my mum are sitting in the living room waiting for my dad, brother and sister to come home with some dinner. I am starving.

They have been gone for ages, almost an hour and the fish and chips place is only about 20 minutes away. Maybe they are busy today or something I don't know.

Just as I was thinking that there is a knock at the door and my mum stands up to answer it, then a couple of seconds later she walked back into the living room with a confused expression on her face and two police offices following behind her which is making me feel very anxious.

"We have some news for you both" the police woman said to us. I sat up straight and starred at them both waiting for them to continue.

"We are sorry to say but Bob, Lucy and Michael Jones where all confirmed dead after a terrible car crash that happens just down the street" the police man said.

Did I hear him right? Did he really just say that my dad, brother and sister had died? No he must he joking they cant be dead

"You're joking right?" I asked in a shaking voice

"I wish we were but we are not. We are terribly sorry" the woman said sending me a sympathetic smile.

Everything started to spin. They cant be dead! They are all far to young to be dead.

My sister was 19 and brother 16 for goodness sake.

Why does god chose to wrong times to take the lives of off people? I dont understand!

It isn't fair...

It isn't fair...

It isn't fair...

I woke up with swear dripping down my forehead, tears rolling down my cheeks and small sobs escaping from my mouth.

Why do I keep on reliving that moment in my dreams?!

I quickly wiped my tears and rolled over on my bed to look at the time on my phone. It is 2am.

I hobbled down the stairs to the kitchen to get a small snack since i wont be getting back to sleep anytime soon.

"Did i wake you?" I jumped not really expecting anyone else to be up. I looked over at Niall with a mouth full of crisps and he seemed to be pretty proud of himself for scaring me "sorry love" he said laughing a bit.

"No you never woke me up I just bad a dream and couldn't get back to sleep"I said ignoring his apology for scaring me. "Why are you up?" I asked him

"Couldn't sleep so I decided to come down for a snack" he said smiling "are you okay? You seem pretty... Ermm you look like you have just seen a ghost.." Niall stuttered obviously not being able to choose the right words to use.

I cant hold it in any longer, I just let the tears fall from my eyes. I don't even know why I am crying, I just feel like everything is happening all to fast and all I want is a hug from my dad telling me that everything will be okay eventually buts he's not here so he cant give me a hug. I really miss his hugs.

I fall to my knees and just let everything out. I fell a hand being placed in my lower back and I look up even though I know its Niall because no one else is up.

"Niall... I- i I started but couldn't speak because of the lump in my throat

"Shh its okay" he said bringing me into a hug and rubbing small circles on my back as I just cried into his shoulders and we sat like that in the middle of the kitchen floor for about half an hour.

"Do you want to have a seat and I can make us a cup of nice hot chocolate" Niall offered. I nodded and walked over to the kitchen table and took a seat.

Niall sat down across from me and handed me my hot chocolate "thanks" I said to him

"Your welcome Lauren. Now would you like to tell me whats going on? I am a good listener" he smiled

"I just feel very lonely and empty now that my sister, brother and my dad have passed away and I just keep on having these dreams of the day that me and my mum got told by police officers that they had died in a car crash. Its the same dream every single night and I just fell like I any take it anymore." I said taking in a breathe and then continuing "all my friends hate me because I never spoke to them for a whole month because I took the loss of my family so badly and my boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me with my ex best friend. I also had to leave all my memories and belongings of my family behind in my old house and I just cant cope Niall i cant take it. Everything bad has been happening to me recently and I just feel really unlucky and that I don't have anything else to look forward in life since all of my loved ones have been taken away from me or they don't like me" I said and just broke down again.

Niall's pov

I am speechless. I dont know why to say. I just looked over to this broken girl sitting right infront of me and it honestly does make my heart ache listening to her story even though I have only known her for a small amount of time. I cant believe all that happened in just a few months.

I reached my hand over the table and held her small hand in mines. She looked up at me and her usually bright blue eyes were all dull and miserable looking.

"You know you have me Lauren, if you ever need anyone to open up to, or to cry too or even just someone to hug I will always be there for you and dont forget that! Just forget about your 'friends' and your ex boyfriend its there loss, they are losing an amazing friend" I said smiling sympathetically

"Thank you Niall, it honestly does feel good just to open up and let everything out, I was never one to do that" she said standing up and walked around the table them bringing me into a huge hug.

After a couple of minutes we pulled away and I brought my thumb up to her cheek and wiped all the tears away

"You are such a strong person for keeping all that inside for so long" she smiled at me and said "you're such a good person for listening to me rant on at 2 in the morning" she said laughing a bit showing off her perfect smile.

She walked back round to her chair and sat on it then took a sip from her hot chocolate.

"Are you tired?" I asked. She shook her head no

"Do you want to go into the living room then and watch some films with me?" I asked hoping she would say yes

"Yes I would love too" she said eagerly "I have been looking forward to watching a good movie on that huge telly since I arrived here" she added smiling widely and I laughed at her excitement.

"Right you can go into the cupboard in the living room with all the films in it and chose whatever one you want to watch an I'll make us some popcorn" I said. Lauren nodded and stood up then headed towards the living room.

I walked into the living room with a big bowl of popcorn in one hand a some more hot chocolate in the other since ours got a little cold.

Lauren was siting on the couch with the remote in her hand waiting for me to come and join her.

"What film did you choose?" I asked as I took a seat next to her, sat the bowl of popcorn on the small coffee table infront of us and pulled the blanket over the both of us.

I looked over at Lauren waiting for an answer but all she done was grin widely and press the play button on the remote.

"Aladdin?" I asked as it showed up in big writing across the tv.

"Its my favourite film ever and has been since I was a wee girl" she confessed with a smile. I nodded and we both say in silence and watch the film except when Lauren quietly sang along to all the songs trying not to wake anyone.


Aladdin had ended and I am extremely tired now. I looked over at Lauren who was quietly snoring. I was wondering why she suddenly stopped singing. I laughed quietly to myself and pressed the power button on the remote.

I am to lazy to trek all the way back up the stairs to my bedroom so I just lay onto the couch next to Lauren, pulled the blanket up to our chins and I fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

Niall's pov

I woke up and took a seconds for my eyes to adjust to the surroundings. I looked down a Lauren fast asleep right next to me with tiny snores escaping and her hair seemed to have a mind of its own, it is everywhere. I smiled at her speeding body.

I want to take her out today to explore London with her, even though I know everywhere. It will be fun.

I want to get to know her better now that she has opened up to me and I want her to feel like she can trust me so I'm going to tell her a bit about also and hopefully it will strengthen our friendship.

Lauren started to stir a bit in, I think shes waking up. "Stop staring at me, please." she mumbled in her groggy morning voice with her eyes still shut. "I wasn't staring!" I lied with a smirk. "Yes you were, I could feel you stare at me." She said then finally opening her eyes. She smile softly at me and I returned it. "Sorry, I couldn't help it." I said and she snacked my arm. "Creep." She mumbled whilst sitting up and fixing her hair. "What was that?" I asked raising an eyebrow even though I heard her quite clearly. "Nothinggggg." She said dragging on the 'g'.

I reached over to her stomach getting ready to tickle her. I looked up at to see if she'd react but she hadn't, she might be trying to hide it though. I tickled her and she squealed and tried to squirm out of my grasp but failed. "Please stop." She said between laughs, which made me laugh. She has a unique laugh. "Only if you told me what you said." I said with a straight face looking her in the eyes. "Okay. Okay. I called you a creep for staring at me when I was sleeping." She said in a squeaky voice.

I stopped tickling Lauren and she looked at me with a dirty look, but was joking. "I'm sorry for staring, I cant help but stare at you. Your pretty." I stated not regretting saying it. "Shut up!" She said and stood up. "I don't like being stared at. Especially when I'm sleeping!" She added. "Hey, where are you going?" I asked her as she started to walk away. "To shower, my hair is a riot." She stated motioning to her hair and laughing a bit. "Its not that bad." I tried saying with a straight face but we both just ended up laughing.

"Would you not like some breakfast first?" I asked after we recovered. "Nah, I'm not that hungry." She said and made her way towards the stairs.

Lauren's pov

I walked up to my new room and turned on the shower waiting for the temperature to be perfect. I stripped naked then made my way into the shower.

I hopped into the shower singing really loudly not caring who could here me. I massaged the shampoo into my hair them scrubbed my body with shower gel getting rid of any dirt.

Lazy day or to go out and be productive? Hmm tough decision, I thought to myself. I decided in just wearing my brothers hoodie with some leggings and if I am doing anything later I can get changed. Plus its only 9am and i still have to unpack.

I hobbled down the stairs to see uncle simon, Niall and harry sitting around the table. "Good morning! Did you sleep well?" Uncle simon asked. "I slept great, thankyou." I said smiling. "Would you like anything to eat?" He asked. "Erm, yeah but i can make my own. I just want cereal." I said. "Okay, love" He said, and flashed me a smile. "Is my mum not up yet?" I asked politely. "No, shes still fast asleep." Of course, my mum could sleep all day long if she could.

"Hey, Simon. Have we got any plans for today?" Niall asked. "No mate, I was thinking Lauren and Rachel could just settle in and unpack if they needed to." Simon said. He turned to look at me whilst I poured myself some cereal and I nodded. "I not bothered either way." I said. I picked up my bowl of cereal and went to join them at the table. I sat next to Simon. "I was thinking I could take Lauren out for the day to show her around London. What do you think?" He asked facing me. I quickly swallowed my mouth full of cereal. "Yes, I would love that. I have always wanted to see London." I said genuinely excited. That has always been something I wanted to do before I died. Its the top of my bucket list.

"Thats great, we can leave at about lunch if you want then." Niall said and I nodded.

I took the last spoonful of my cereal them washed my bowl and made my way back up the stairs. "I'm off to start unpacking" I stated, then made my way up stairs. "I'll help if you want." Niall offered. I could get used to all this kindness. "No, its okay." I said politely then made my way towards my room.

I connected my iPod to my laptop and pressed shuffle in my music. I began to unpack and sing along to the music that was playing.


Nialls pov

I walked into Lauren's room asking if she was ready to leave. She was sitting in front of the mirror doing her hair and make up. I took a seat on the end of her bed and watched her. "You know you don't have to wear make up, Lauren." I stated as I watched run the brush along her long lashes. "Niall, O rarely ever do wear makeup, let me enjoy being a girl once in a while." She said with a small laugh. Now that I think about it, I have actually never seen her with make up on until now. I like that about her.

"I'm done." She said bringing me out of my thoughts. She stood up and flattened out her white floral blouse that was tucked into her skirt. She grabbed her long wooly cardigan. "Ready?" I asked her. She nodded and made her way out the door, I followed closely behind.


Lauren's pov

We were walking down the streets of London just talking about nothing. We have been busy all day. Niall took me to Big Ben and too the Buckingham palace. Everything was so pretty, I have already fell in Live with London and I've only been here a day.

"Lauren?" Niall asked. "Yeah?" I looked up at him. "Have you had fun today? I mean I know we didn't get to go everywhere but-" I cut him off. "I had a great time, Niall. Thankyou for showing me aloud London." I said smiling up at him. "Thats good then!" He said. "So, where do you want to go now?" He added. "I'm fine just walking around. Its so pretty." I said excitedly. I am so happy I love here now and i can see this prettiness everyday. "Yeah, I guess so." Niall said. He clearly doesn't appreciate as much as I do.

"Do you want to start heading back, its starting to get quite chilly?" Niall asked. "Yes, that would be good." I said as I hugged my wooly cardigan tightly around my body.

Niall wrapped his around around my shoulders and we made our was back to the house.

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