A New Start

17 year old Lauren life has changed so much! Read to find out how


4. chapter4

Lauren's pov

I'm sitting at the back of the taxi thats taking us too uncle Simons house. Its so weird calling him that.

My knee is bouncing up and down due to nerves and my hands wont stop fidgeting. What is they don't like me or think I'm weird?!? I am starting to panic

God why do I have to be one of those people who just think of the worst.

"Lauren! Lauren hunny calm down" my mum said calmly placing her hand on my shoulder.

"But mum what if they don't like me? I want to move back home!" I said sounding a bit like a spoilt brat right now but i honestly do not care.

"This is you new home Lauren and you have to accept the fact that we cant move back!" My mum said. "and why on earth would they not like you? If you just act yourself they will definitely love you, without a doubt" she added.

"you have to say that, your my mum" I stated crossing my arms across my chest.

"If I weren't your mum I would still think your wonderful! Now stop panicking and start to get your things together we are almost there" my mum said.

"Okay! But mum please promise me that you will not replace my sister, brother or dad with anyone at all!" I said completely serious.

"Oh Lauren I will most definitely not and never will replace them with anyone ever!" I nodded in reply and hugged into my brothers hoodie.

Nialls pov

We are all lazily lying around the living room waiting on Rachel and Lauren and I am actually very excited.

"Rachel's just text me saying that they are just around the corner" Simon cheered. I have never seen him so happy in all the years I have known him. I have never seen him with any of his family members either so this should be new.


There was a quiet knock t the door which made simon immediately jump and and rush to the door. I have never seen him run so fast in my life. I let out a small chuckle and followed.

I saw Rachel standing on our front door step with a wide grin in her face and Lauren behind her with a shy smile and a big hoodie clung to her chest

"AHHH Rachel and Lauren have arrived" Simon cheered bringing them both in to a group hug. "Lads get their bags for them please?!" Simon asked us and we all nodded politely.

I squeezed passed them and walked over to the truck and picked up one out of many of the suitcases and walked back in with it. I smiled at Lauren who looked lost as her mum and Simon spoke and she returned the smile back which made me happy.

" hey...erm would yous mind if I just went to sleep just now because I am super tired? Or would that he rude?" I heard Lauren say quietly as I was half way up the stairs.

"Of course its not rude, Niall and Zayn can show you too your room just now since I see they are both heading that way anyway"

Lauren's pov

I nodded and thanked them then made my way up to my room following Zayn and Niall.

"Do yous need any help with they bags?" I asked politely kinda feeling guilty that I am carrying nothing.

"No, not at all, we've got it!" Zayn said

"are you ready to see your new bedroom?" Niall asked excitedly which made me excited.

I nodded eagerly and Niall pushed open a door with his foot then motioned for me to go in first. I walked in to see a massive room with white walls and pale blue/turquoisey accessories.

"Ahh how did yous know my favourite colour was blue?! Thankyou so much!" I said bringing them both into a hug "and sorry if I smell, I have been travelling all day!" I added as they laughed at my excitement and immatureness.

"I have smelt worse honestly don't worry about it!" Niall said laughing "we will just leave your bags here and we'll leave you to get unpacked or sleep in peace" Zayn said, I can already tell he's going to be the 'caring one'. I smile and nodded

"And if you want to shower there is one through that door" Niall pointed to a white door.

I have my own bathroom?! Wow

"I have my own bathroom!?! Oh my goodness! Famous people and there bathrooms" i said and ran to the door, I heard them both laugh.

"We'll leave now! Sleep tight Lauren" zayn said and left me alone in this huge room.

Immediately after they left i ran over to my bed and jumped on it. The comfiest bed I have ever had!

I am pretty sure that the minute my head hit the pillow I was out like a light..


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