A New Start

17 year old Lauren life has changed so much! Read to find out how


3. chapter3

Simon povs

So its been 2 weeks since I got that phone call from Rachel and I have been non stop texting her trying to arrange to meet up when we are both free which is quite hard considering we both work.

I have also learnt that her daughter Lauren is 17 and will be 18 next month. She is a teenage girl so there is a possibility that she is a one direction fan so I have arranged to get them to come and meet them both with me.

I'm exciteddd!

*new text*

From: Rachel

Are you perhaps free tomorrow?

To: Rachel

Yes I am, I will buy you and Lauren a ticket for the next flight to London if you want

From: Rachel

That would be great. See you soon

I done exactly what I said and bought tickets for the next flight here.

Lauren's pov

My mum told me to pack, but how much am I meant to pack? I don't know how long I will be there for and neither does she which is no help whatsoever!

I put on some music to calm me down a bit. I literally get so stressed over everything.

Some mcFly will do.

I love McFly. It was my sister who got me into McFly because she was a huge fan of them. I really do miss her.

I finally decide on packing two outfits, I dont think we I'll be longer than two or three days. Let's hope anyway.

(An-They have been on the plane and have just arrived at London airport, I'm just too lazy to write about all that)

Nialls pov

Simon made us all come to the airport with him to collect his niece and... Sister inlaw? I dont know but I am actually excited to meet them, from what Simon has told us about Lauren and Rachel they both seem pretty cool but simon doesn't know very much about them since he has never meet them either so who knows what they are like.

We are waiting on the benches at the airport with a sign in Simons hands saying 'Lauren and Rachel Jones', louis and harry are having a thumb war and the rest of the boys are sitting on there phones and as for me I guess I am just sitting collecting all my thoughts like a absolute loser.

Suddenly I see two woman looking slightly confused and by the way they look I am guessing thats Lauren and Rachel.

"Simon is that them?" I asked pointing towards them.

"Yes thats them! Right lads please don't make me look bad here" Simon said laughing a bit and looking at me and louis. I admit it me and louis are usually the troublemakers.

"Hello! I'm Rachel and this is my daughter Lauren" a cheery woman said to us all and she pointed to quite a tall slim girl who looks about our age maybe a little younger. She had her earphones in and she had watery eyes.

Do I introduce myself or ask if shes okay?

Luckily her mum bet me to it and told her to take her earphone out, I guess her mum knew what was wrong thats why she never asked.

"Hi I'm Niall!" I said bringing out my hand trying to be as friendly as possible. She is a very pretty girl, I have to admit.

"I'm Lauren!" She said in quite a quiet calm voice.

"Well nice to meet you, Lauren" She flashed me a smile and shook my hand. Thank god I thought she was going to leave me hanging for a second.

The rest of the lads introduced themselves and we headed to the cars.


I am so shy around them and I don't know why. I am kind off just awkwardly sitting at the back of the car with Niall on one side of me and Liam on the other.

"So Lauren how did you feel about finding out Simon is you uncle?" Liam asked me trying to start a conversation.

"I was actually really shocked, to be honest I was scared to meet him at first but now I am glad I did" I replied.

"He is a great man, I'm sure you will love him and I bet now that he has found out he has a niece he is going to spoil you rotten!" Niall's said to me with a small chuckle. I nervously laughed in return debating with myself weather I should tell them I like there songs or not. They might think I am some crazed fan if I do but the might hate me if I dont. Urgh!

"You okay there Lauren? your frowning!" Liam asked. I embarrassingly laughed, trust me to just randomly frown at myself.

"Yeah I fine, I never realised I was frowning, sorry" I said laughing "I actually have a small confession" I said. They both raised an eyebrow at me waiting for me to continue.

"I became a fan of one direction like a few weeks ago and since then I cant stop listening to the midnight memories album" I said quite confidently actually.

"I'm not surprised, if I wasn't in this band I would be obsessed with midnight memories too!" Niall's said.

"Niall's you listen to our album when your in the shower, don't even deny it mate" Liam said laughing.

"Right okay I admit it its a good album, I cant help but like my own band okay!" Niall said. I started laughing, they re so funny.

"So whats your favourite song from the album Lauren?" Nialls changing the subject

"I like happily and you and I the most" I said taking a moment to think "but I love them all!" I added incase they got offended!

Nialls pov

It has been 2 days since Lauren and Rachel came to live with us and honestly I don't want them to go. I have gotten very close to Lauren.

We are trying to convince Simon just to let them stay here permanently and he said he's fine with it, its just Rachel doesn't want to 'intrude on our busy schedules' but I would love if they stayed here.

"Rachel seriously its fine for you to stay here, our house is big so there is plenty of room and all the lads love you and Lauren!" Simon said to Rachel. We are all sitting in the living area trying to convince them, Lauren isn't actually saying anything she is just sitting there listening to the rest if us.

"No its fine honestly we have a perfectly fine home back in Liverpool, we don't need yous all to baby us honestly we are fine" Rachel said, she is very stubborn.

"Lauren, what do you think? Would you like to stay here?" Simon asked Lauren. I was curious as to what her reply would be.

"Well... I don't actually mind I am happy either way!" She said.

"So would you not mind if you left back all your friends to move here?" Rachel asked Lauren clearly just concerned about her.

"Well actually all my friends haven't spoken to me since before the accident so I don't think they really care about me!" She said twiddling with her thumbs that are sitting on her lap "so if we moved it would probably mean I would have some friends and I would be happier!" She added facing her mum.

I was confused as to what she meant but I guess her mum knew because she have Lauren a sympathetic smile and turned to us all and said "we are going to move to London!" We all cheered because I honestly was very happy.

Lauren's pov

I wanted to move to London the minute we arrived. Its such a pretty place with the London eye and Big Ben, I would do anything to go on the London eye one day. And also uncle Simon lives down here with the one direction boys which makes me love this place even more. I have gotten so close to all the boys especially Niall and Zayn.

I have lived in Liverpool my whole life and I love it but I think it is time to move away, it just reminds me of my dad and my sister and brother. Everywhere I go there is a memory of them and I cant take it anymore.

Now that I am moving it means a new start. A new me.





Lauren's pov

Me and my mum came back home to pack our stuff and say goodbye to everyone, even though there wasn't many people to say good bye too.

I am in my room packing my make up and jewellery just now with my phone sitting next to me. I am debating with myself if I should call Zoe and chloe (her 'friends') saying that I am leaving but i don't really know if I should since they haven't spoken to me in ages and they weren't really there when I needed them most.

I decided on texting them both in our group chat saying -

'I am leaving to move to London with my mum to live with my uncle, thankyou for being such good friends to me. Byee! X'

I was being honest when i said that they were good friends, they might have not helped me through the tougher times but except from that they where by my side at all times. I honestly will miss them when I move, I even miss them just now!

I never really expected a reply from them so I just continued packing all my stuff.

Is it weird that i love packing? I don't know why I just always found packing so exciting, like there was something to look forward to. I don't know.

My mum said that we have 3 days to pack everything, so before the 3 days end we have to go through all of my brothers, sisters and dads stuff and see what we want to keep and through away. You may call me a hoarder if you want but I dont want to get rid of any of their things. I feel like everything they owned has a memory that i want to keep and remember but I know I cant keep everything. I have already went through most of my sisters stuff and my mum said she would do my dads and she said she can do my brothers if i want but honestly I want to. Me and my brother were so close, even though I was a year and a half older he was a protective brother who I trusted so much, I told him absolutely everything and he told me everything, I kind off want to take some of his old tops and hoodies with me so that if I am ever having a bad day I can just wear them and they are a little larger so very comfortable.

I hobbled over to his room and immediately felt tears start to brim my eyes but I wasn't letting them fall, I have cried to many times recently. I walked over to his wardrobe and a picked out my favourite tops, hoodies and joggies (sweat pants). I then walked over to his bedside table that had a few photos on it and there was a picture of me and him when we were very little playing in the mud, I picked that up then walked over to his self full of trophies and medals that he won in football, he was so successful at what he loved and I'm so proud of him.

He had really good fashion sense if I do say so myself, like he never liked to look scabby or anything unless it was just around the house. He used to always have these men's bracelets on his wrists, it was like his trademark. I walked over to his small box where he kept them all and I added them to the bundle that I was keeping. I picked up a couple more things then headed back to my room. Tears where slowly running down my cheek, I never even noticed I was crying.

Nialls pov

Simon is going crazy he said we have 3 days to decorate Lauren's room and Rachel's room. Harry, louis, and I were doing Lauren's room just painting the walls a simply white and pale blue accessories. I hope she likes pale blue!

Simon is so stressed getting everything ready, he just keeps on saying 'its needs to be perfect they deserve it'. He has fell in love (family falling in love not like relationship falling in love) with them both so much and he just found out they were family. It just proves that Simon isn't all about work and money, he actually cares about his loved ones a lot.

We are currently out shopping for there room stuff, i don't know what to pick up. I am scared incase pale blue is Lauren's least favourite colour and she is going to hate me because I was the one who choose pale blue but I think I am just over thinking stuff and being a drama queen, of course she wouldn't hate me just because she doesn't like the colour of her room. I guess I just don't want to disappoint Simon. Louis is doing a good job of picking out stuff for her but I guess he's quite good at stuff like this considering her has five sisters and a girl friend. We think that Lauren is quite a girly girl just by the way she looks but not to girly like caked with make up and a orange tan. A natural girly girl I suppose, oh god I sound gay.

Two more days until they move here and I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited because even though I only meet Lauren not that long ago I instantly clicked with her, we are great friends and the rest of the lads love her just as much as I do. And Rachel I also clicked with to I see her as another mother figure and also she cooks great chicken curry.

Finally 3 hours later we have finished with Lauren's room and everything looks great.

"Anyone want a well deserved cuppa?" Zayn said. We all replied with yeses and we headed down to the living room whilst Zayn made our tea.

*day they are moving to London*

Lauren's pov

I was doing last minute packing of my shoes, I had took a few pairs of my sisters shoes and some of her clothes rather than 'letting it go to waste' as my mums says. I'm going to miss this place very much, this is were all my childhood memories are, like when my dad and I tried to make wooden name things for everyone's door when I was little and I accidentally spilt the paint everywhere, you can still see the pink paint on the garage floor that we never got round to cleaning. Another one when me, my brother and sister were playing hide and seek in the back garden and i always hide behind play house thats is still there.

I started smiling to myself as I had finished packing absolutely everything i own and want to keep, I decided to go walked around the house before we leave in about an hour.

I went into our 'play room', it still had all of our toys in it but as we grew up we used it as our 'deep conversation room', if one of us had something important to say we would call the other two in and we would swear that we would never tell anyone else and we done that all of our lives, even when we where 16,17 and 19 years old. I always remember the time I told them that I had a crush on a boy called Paul and I was so embarrassed because he thought I was weird and he never liked me, my brother and sister had to comfort me for hours that day. I was about 10 years old and it was my first crush.

We were always so close for siblings, most siblings fight but we never, I guess its because our ages weren't far apart. I sat down on one out of the three bean bags and just thought about everything from my siblings to my future and what I want to do.

I was brought out of my thoughts when my mum called up at me telling me it was time to leave.

Well I guess this is goodbye.

I lifted the last of my suitcases and hopped down the stairs when I saw my mum waiting at the door for me. There was a huge moving van in our front garden that was still collecting our suitcases and ornaments and stuff that we want to keep and they will be flew over.

I could see my mum starting to get teary and I could feel my eyes start to water so I walked over and brought her into a huge hug and she kissed me on the cheek.

"Is that you brothers hoodie and joggies?" My mum asked pulling away, I nodded. The trousers where a little to long since I am the small one in the family so I had to roll them up and the hoodie is so big and cosy, I love it. My mum smiled sympathetic at me and said "are we going then before we cry any more" I laughed lightly at her statement then nodded my head and away we went, leaving our home forever.


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