A New Start

17 year old Lauren life has changed so much! Read to find out how


2. chapter2

Lauren's pov

Before the accident me and my sister were very close since there was only a year between us and since the accident happened I have just wanted to go into her old room and help clean out everything. My mum was saying that since we were the same size in clothes I could go through her clothes and take what I want rather than sending it all away to charity. So thats what I'm going to do today. I promised myself I would something productive so going through my sister stuff is what I'm going to do!

I walked into her room trying my best not to cry, since thats all I have done the past month. I had a bin bag in one hand and box in the other putting the stuff that is being kept in the box and the charity shop stuff in the bin bag.

A couple of hours had passed and I have finished with the wardrobe. I am going through her old jewellery box just now with tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Lauren thats me home!" My mum shouted from down the stairs. I didn't want to answer so I just sat there and continued to cry

"Lauren! Where are you?" I heard my mum padding about my bedroom

"I'm in here mum!" I whisper shouted

She walk through the door and immediately walked over to me and brought me into a big hug

"What are doing in here hunny, I told you we were in no rush to go through everything!" My mum said into my shoulder

"I know mum but I wanted to do something today and I thought it was time just to get rid of everything!" I mumbled. I pulled out of the hug and wiped my tears

"Aw Lauren, I'm happy you left your room and showered! You looked so much better" my mum said looking at me "have you eaten though?"

"No I haven't but I promise I will eat something after I am done in here mum" I said, if I'm honest I just want to be happy again. I want to be my old self again!

"Okay darling but I think we are done in here!" My mum said standing up.

Yeah she right I have done enough of this today!

We are sitting in the living room just now eating toast and banana with the music channel on.

"So Lauren, I was wondering if you would be okay with me doing a family tree on this website I came across?" My mum paused "since I thought its just me and you left we could see if there is anyone else we don't know about" my mum suggested.

This is actually a really good idea. I would love to find other family members that I never knew about and maybe I could even meet some of them.

"Mum I would honestly love to do that! I think thats your best idea so far!" I said joking a bit.

"Right you stay here and I will go get that laptop!" My mum said standing up.

We have just entered our names and information into the website and it is loading just now. Honestly I am actually very nervous!

"Oh its done loading!" My mum squealed. I was to nervous to look though and I don't even know why I am so nervous. I guess I just don't want my family to be replaced.

"Well Lauren, according to this simon cowell is you dads stepbrother that didn't want to be apart of the family so he moved away to America (an-they live in Britain) so that basically means simon cowell is your uncle" my mum said sounding shocked. "Maybe we could contact him and meet him!" My mum said

"But mum he left because he never wanted to be apart of the family, why would he want to meet us?" I said

"Well he was a stupid teenage boy when he left and he probably doesn't even know your dad has past away so we could go and tell him that!" She was right. I would love to meet him "and maybe Simons number is on your dads phone, luckily i kept it!" My mum said standing up to get my dads phone.

I hope I get to meet him!

Simon's pov

I am currently having a meeting with the one direction lads about their next tour when I get a unexpected call from my step brother, Michael. We barely ever speak unless something serious has happened. The only reason why he has my number and I have his is for emergencies.

"Hello?" I answered putting my finger towards my lips signalling the boys to be quiet.

"Erm hi i am Michael's wife..." I heard a quiet woman's voice on the other end.

"Oh I don't believe I have meet you..." I said realising I don't actually know her name.

"Rachel!" She said quite confidently.

"Ah well Rachel what can I do for you?" I asked as politely as I could.

"Well I don't know if you heard but my husband, my daughter and my son were recently in a car crash and sadly they all past away due to it.." She said taking a pause.

"Oh my gosh, thats terrible!" I said sympathetically. I really do regret leaving behind my family, it was a stupid move to make. The only reason why I left was because I wasn't happy that my parents had a divorce and I never really wanted a new family. I was a selfish teenager!

"Yeah, well my other daughter and I are the only ones left and today we were a bit curious as to who else was in our family." I completely understand why she would want to do that. It would be pretty lonely with just the two of you left.

"Well we could arrange something for you and your daughter... Or my niece to come and meet me! I would love to meet more of the family" i said being honest.

"Oh my gosh really?!? Thankyou so much simon!" She said, I chuckled lightly at her excitement "Lauren he wants to meet us!" I heard her shout. I am guessing she was talking to her daughter.

"Right, I have to go because I am actually in the middle of a meeting just now but I will keep in contact with you and we can arrange something for you to come down to London" I said genuinely happy.

"Okay, thank you for your time and I am sorry for interrupting your meeting" she said.

We said our byes then hung up.

"You have a niece?" Harry asked from the other end of the table

"Apparently. Well kind off! My step brother had a children that I have never meet and two of the children and him were in a car crash and sadly died so its just my

niece and her mum left so I arranged to meet up with them!" I said all in one breath.

"oh my gosh boys, simon finally found his heart!" Louis said holding his heart and dramatically breathing. The boys laughed at him.

"Right! Okay, back to business!" I said chuckling.

Lauren's pov

I cant believe simon wants to meet me. THE simon cowell wants to meet me. I cant believe this.... Fangirling!

I wonder why my dad never told us about his brother...

"Mum did you know about simon being dads brother?" I asked

"No, hunny I never" she said

"I wonder why he never told us. Why do you think he never told us?" I asked

"I have no idea Lauren" my mum said truthfully.

Maybe Simon will know why my dad never told anyone!

I just want to ask Simon so many questions when I meet him

What was my dad like when he was younger?

Why did you leave?

Where you and my dad close as children?

How did you become famous?

What is it like being famous?

I have so many other questions that I would love to ask simon. I guess I should write them down so I don't forget!!


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