Kidnaped (1D fanfiction)

What happens when sage winds up being kidnaped by onedirection she hates them! The boys claimed her as there slave so she has to do whatever they say to do! She wishes she could get out of this hell hole! What will she do?


1. the guy in black

Sage's pov

I finished cleaning the tables and locked up the diner. I walked out to my pink car and grabed my keys when a scream filled my ears. Seeing no one I got more curious. Inching slowly done the sidewalk 5 shadows appear. They had their mouths on that girls neck! What the hell? Well might as well leave now. Tripping over nothing of course they spotted me. Blood was dripping from their mouths. "Dammitt!" The one had an accent cute but I may just be the next meal that's great!! NOT! Running away I could here footsteps following. Suddenly I was tackled to the ground then everything went black…

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