A/n * hey guys new story I'm sorry about all my other sucky ones I know I suck but I'll try my best with this one . Carter is 17 and nobody notices her except one what will happen



After that I checked on my board it was dry Michael was still there with his friend I grabbed my board and on the way out of the shed I tripped on Someones foot I look up to see it was that Luke kid I just got up while I heard him laugh his ass off I just ignored it know what's going to happen when I ge to my room.

I took out my D&E'S box I pulled out my razor and pulled my sleeve up I added five more cuts I put my box away the someone knocked on the door " cater you in there " I heard " umm yeah "

" can I come in "

" uh yeah one sec "


" you can come in now "

I look too see Michael with that boy with the kinda curly hair

A/n* sorry guys I haven't updated this in a long time I've been very sick lately and with moving to Australia with my cousin

" so what's up carter "

" n-nothing "

" o-ok " he giggled

the boy with the curly hair kept on looking at me then my wrist so I looked down and seen blood dripping off my finger

" ummm I going to sleep so uh yeah bye " I pushed them both out

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