A/n * hey guys new story I'm sorry about all my other sucky ones I know I suck but I'll try my best with this one . Carter is 17 and nobody notices her except one what will happen


2. all lies stay in place

As u combed my hair in to a pony tail mrs Von walked in with a couple " carter we have company and they want to adopt a 17 year old and your the only 17 year old here so yeah " she said as I stoop up I stuck my hand out to the couple " hi I'm carter " I said " hello " they both said and shook hands " so carter what are you like " the woman said. " ummm well I like to play the guitar um uhh I'm 17 and I've been here sense I was two years old " I said then they said " one sec were just gonna go talk for a moment " the man said after a while they came back in and said " I'm sorry kid " " I looked down " but " ui looked up " your gonna have to deal with having a brother I smiled and bursted with tears " thank so much " I ran. To them and hugged them " ok go get your clothes sweetie " she said I rushed and got my clothes packed and grabbed my guitar and said " ok I'm ready " as we left they help me put my bag in the trunk with my guitar and we left " ok carter just to let you know it's a long trip to where we're from " she said " ok why where do live " I asked " well it's pretty far " he said " ok " after a couple of days we arrived to a house I looked at it and smiled then we got out of the car I got my things and walked up the steps she unlocked the door and yelled " Michael were home " then I heard foot steps that sounded of running I looked up to see a boy come running to me then hugged me really tight " yay I finally have a sister " he yelled then I got kinda nervous I gently patted him on his back " hi I'm Michael Michael Clifford " he said " hi " I said " come on ill show you your room " he said and I followed him into a normal sized room I put my stuff down then he looked at my guitar " woah cool guitar you play " he asked " yeah " I said " how long " he asked " umm sense I was 6 " I said " oh then you have to meet Luke he's been looking all over the world for that type of guitar it will make him cry to see that you have one " he said " really " I laughed " yeah I'm gonna go call him right now " he said " uh ok " I said then he left after about 5 minutes Michael came in and said hide behind the corner and scare him when comes bursting in ok " he said I nodded and hid behind the corner two minutes later someone came bursting through the door 321 " bhaaaaa " I I yelled then he yelled I Michael came in laughing with me the the guy said what the hell Michael but thanks for the guitar " he said I bursted out laughing even harder and he said " what's your problem " " haha hahaha no that's not yours that's my guitar " I said laughing more " oh uh sorry " he said " it's okay " I laughed " so Michael who is this is this your girlfriend " he said " no she's ummmmm my my new sister carter " he said " really so this why you were excited a lot " Luke said " yeah " he said then Luke stuck his hand out " I'm Luke " he said I just nodded " well I gotta go nice meeting you " Luke said " bye " me and Michael said the Luke left as soon as he left I just started to get a little bored I went in to my wallet and seen I still had $ 790 dollars left in my wallet I went down stairs And went into the kitchen " ummm mrs Clifford " I asked " oh hi carter you know you don't have to call me that you can call me mom " she said " ok " I said " so what is it carter " mom asked " well um I forgot my skate bored so I was wondering could I order one I have my own money I have more than enough " I asked " yeah sure " mom said " thank you so much mom and I'm not used to the details they have so can I spray paint it " I asked " yeah umm Michael has a shed were he spray paints " mom said I nodded and raced up the stairs and grabbed my phone and went online to lids and orders a skate bored with out a detail on the back now I have to wait they said its able to be delivered today after about two or three hours the door bell rang and raced down and opened the door " order for carter " he said " yup. " I signed the paper and gave me another box filled with spray paint " thank you. " I said and he walked away I went into the living room with my hands full of boxes " ummm weres the shed " I asked mom " oh Michael is in there so the shed with music playing is his " mom said I nodded and went into the back yard I knocked on the door " come in " I heard I walked in and Michael asked " what's that " " I bought a skate bored with my own money" I said he nodded " do you need help he asked " no I've done this before I pulled out my skate bored and after and hour of putting it together I pulled out the mask they give you and flipped my bored over and grabbed the black spray paint then there was a knock the a guy came in " hey Michael " he said. " hey. " my brother said " who's this " he asked " my new sis " he said " cool what she doing " he asked " she's spray painting her new skate bored " he said then I started to paint it black red and white then I let it dry for five hours

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