Eye of the Kitten

Kitten gets kidnapped by a dangerous, possessive, deadly, scary boy who is two years older than her. How does he treat her? Read to find out.



"Niall?" Harry demands. "Watch Kat."

"Yes sirrrr." Niall purks up. I sit on the bed still dazed about what happened with Harry.

I stare at Niall for a good two minutes after Harry leaves unsure about what to say.

"Take a picture." Niall says. "It will last longer."

I scoff. "Whatever."

"Don't talk to me like that!"Niall eyes me.

His eyes move from my feet and up to my breasts and then they stop.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." I quote.

His eyes snap up to my face and he looks mad now. "Maybe I will take a picture."

My eyes change to black. "You wouldn't." I say backing up.

"Oh, but I would." Niall purrs walking closure to me.

"Strip." He demands. "Excuse me?" I whimper. Niall back to me the wall and rips my shirt off and eyes my bra. Skillfully, he pulls it off with one arm, the other one still pushing me back. Next he pulls my pants down, all while I'm trying to push him back. He doesn't even budge. I managed to put these underwear on, since I awoke with none, and they aren't about to come off. Unfortunately he pulls them off with ease and I'm left hopeless. Somehow he mangers to he there with only outing his hand on my chest.

Next thing he pulls his camera and takes a picture.

"Got it." He smirks. "Can I put my clothes back on now?" I ask.

"Well, at first I was just gonna take a picture... But now I'm just so aroused." Niall licks his lips.

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