Eye of the Kitten

Kitten gets kidnapped by a dangerous, possessive, deadly, scary boy who is two years older than her. How does he treat her? Read to find out.




My eyes flickered open to see him towering above me. As soon as I opened my eyes He smirked.

Incould feel my eyes were red.

"Don't worry kitten." He says "You're safe here."

"Where am I?" I question not remembering the events of last night.

"It doesn't matter kitten." He says. All of the events from yesterday slowly flooded back from yesterday. Fear trembled through my body, and I know I started shacking and that my eyes turned black.

"Kat?" He says as I start crying. "Y-you kidnapped me!" I say trembling. I start getting up and running towards the door but he grabs my wrist and pulls me closer to him.

"Your mine now." He whispers into my ear and pulls me into a hug. I sob into his shirt.

"Shh. It's ok kitten." He says softly while rubbing my back.

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