Eye of the Kitten

Kitten gets kidnapped by a dangerous, possessive, deadly, scary boy who is two years older than her. How does he treat her? Read to find out.



"Who did this to you?" He insisted in me telling him.

"No one." I say looking at him through my eyelashes.

"Here, we have 1st period together. I'll show you the way."

I silently follow him through the school until we reach the back door.

"Why are we at the back door?"

"We have to cross to another building." He explained.

"Oh." I say. Good thing I followed him or I wouldn't have found it. He randomly stops and pulls something out of his jacket.

"Hey why are we in the back if the school there are no buildings arou-" I was interrupted by a cloth being placed by my mouth and I slowly drifted. Of

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