Eye of the Kitten

Kitten gets kidnapped by a dangerous, possessive, deadly, scary boy who is two years older than her. How does he treat her? Read to find out.


9. top 10

"Harry is controlling, I guess you'll get used to it."

"Controlling?" I question images flashing through my mind.

"Yeah, he just knows everything. You have to be careful not to anger him" Zayn explains.

"I have to go now, you can do what ever, but don't escape." After Zayn leaves I flip the tv on and start going through all the channels. I stop on TOP 10 most wanted criminals. Weird choice but I am curious.

#3 A blonde haired boy named Niall Horan popped up on the screen.

#2 Zayn Malik. What? Zayn? My Zayn. His face is there even.

#1 Harry Styles. I'm dying inside now. I change channels and start watching gossip girl.

My door flies open reveal Harry. He looks mad...

My eyes change to black.

"I dnt want you watching that channel anymore Kitten."

I nod my head to show I understand.

"HARRY! L AND L ISSUE!!!" Harry looked furious now.

He released me from his grip causing me to start falling backwards but he catches me instead.

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