Eye of the Kitten

Kitten gets kidnapped by a dangerous, possessive, deadly, scary boy who is two years older than her. How does he treat her? Read to find out.


8. bedroom

"This is your room." Zayn smiled. I sat there on the bed looking at him. I followed him over to door it opened and I saw a beautiful bathroom. Just as beautiful as the room. It had a shower, included steam room and expensive shampoo and stuff! The bath tub was simply gorg. He opened up the mirror and I saw all the products In would need and more.

"There is other stuff like make up in the drawers" Zayn said exited.

We walked out and he began to show me how to work the closet.

"This is my closet?" I exclaimed excitedly forgetting that I was kidnapped.

"Yeah, I can tell you will like it here!" Zayn adds.

My smile instantly fades when he says this. My mind wonders back to my crappy room back at home and my messy house that I always had to clean.

"Hey it's ok." Zayn says trying to comfort me.

"Harry is nice, he won't hurt you. I think he really likes you."

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