The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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2. The games

Outside it sounds like cars after cars are rolling onto the property of Dauntless. The first stop Erudite, last stop Dauntless. Sounds of feet scattering make their way into the cafeteria were the Dauntless wait patiently to hear what the government has to say. A few minuites after arrival, a young woman with black hair, olive skin and red full lips begins to talk.

"Today we are talking about the 'Faction Games" she says. "We will first start off with what they are, the rules and then finish off with any questions. Lets begin." She first talks about what the games are. Two people-a girl and boy- from each faction between the ages of 12-20 are randomly picked on a day called they Reaping Day. These 10 people will be brought to a area in Erudite. They will be trained, prepped and interviewed. Then they will be stuck in an arena and forced to fight to the death. The last one standing gets to go home, and bring with them pride and wealth rather than their friends and family. Disgusting.

We should be furious. I think its the fact that we all went through so much already that this is just another sick game people play when they get bored. It should blow over soon... I hope.

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