The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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3. Reaping Day

Today is March 4th. The Reaping day. There is not many people left in the factions which means a greater chance that me or one of my friends will get picked. Soon the people i struggled to save will risk their lives once again. Im sure the government will come here last, and start with Erudite. And of course we will get to watch the other factions who got picked. But nobody does.

Its 7:04 and we are told to get washed up and our best clothes on. So thats what i do. 7:48 Im done washing up, Im wearing a black dress. It doesn't go past the knees. This is the dress i bought with Christina when we first became Dauntless. 8:00 Dauntless file into the cafeteria and follow the woman that gave us the speech outside, we walk a bit before we reach our destination. This spot looks familiar. Then it hits me. This is where we played capture the flag a while back. The one our team won because of me. And instead of a ferris wheel, its replaced with a stage, microphones and two glass bowls with little pieces of paper. One for boys and one for girls.

Before entering and going to either sides on the stage making a area to walk in between the boys and girls, we get poked in the thumb and blood taken. After we line up and go in our boys and girls groups. When i scan the crowd i see him. Tobias, with a black tight shirt showing his muscles whenever he takes a step. He's trying to be strong, but i know after this is over and one of his friends or peers is going to go into an arena and fight to either be a killer or a dead man.

A blond girl, with pale skin a grey eyes walks on stage. Shes wearing a blue tight dress and big heels that are shinny and black. After minutes of trying to get people to stop talking, she begins

"Welcome Dauntless!" She goes over the rules once again but this time says something about volunteering In someones place at the reaping. "Ok. Lets begin." She walks over to the two glass bowls. How does she know what genders which. When she picks up a slip she walks back over to the microphone and unfolds the piece of paper. There not many boys in dauntless between the ages of 12 and 20 anymore. Since half went to Erudite and most died from the attacks they tried, of course we fought back.

"Tobias Eaton" Her voice echoes through the area. I cant hear much right now. My heartbeat is all i hear. All i see is him. He walks like he's alright with this, like it doesn't effect him. I know if he wanted to win he can, but i also know he would not kill an innocent person for the life of him own.

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