The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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10. Meeting The Tributes

10 people from 5 factions gather in a room behind a stage. Its interview day and i am dressed in a beautiful dress, its black and red and mostly tight fitting. Theres slits on the waist showing most of my stomach and the dress appears as its suppose to end right under my butt, but flares out at the bottom. The puffy bottom is red and looks like fire. And although they are too different colours they blend perfectly. My hair is curled, and the tips are died red, yellow and orange making it appear as a fire.

Tobias is in the same colours, but he's wearing a tight tee-shirt, when he moves you can see his muscles through the shirt. and he's wearing black jeans. Over top of his shirt is a black jacket with many pockets and he is accessorized with a necklace made out of black beads. His outfit is very simple, but it doesn't seem like it when he wears it.

I scan the other tributes when they roll in. From Abnegation there is a young girl, probably twelve, who's dressed in nothing fancy, of course. Her blond hair is put in a bun, she keeps her eyes locked on the ground. The boy is tall, short brown hair. And wearing a similar outfit to the girls. From Condor there is a tall girl, with a black and white dress. It has one sleeve, that sleeve is long and tight and black. The rest of the dress is white. Shes wearing black and white high heels and her hair is long and straight. The boy is just wearing a black and white tux. He looks smaller than the girl. Very short but has a very defined face. From Amity the two young tributes wear robe like clothing that are Amity colours. They both have brown hair, and they look very much alike. Family maybe? The last two people are from Erudite. The girl is average hight. But with her blue tight shirt you can see her ribs. Shes very skinny. She is also wearing white straight leg dress pants and her blond hair is long and slicked back it a straight pony tail. Her eyes are covered by glasses that make her eyes appear bigger then they actually are. The boy has brown hair. He's tall. He's wearing a blue suite. And when he turns around I know exactly who he is. Caleb.

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