The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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12. Faction Advantages

After Tobias's interview we are told to go get some rest. Although its probably only about four thirty, rest does sound like a good idea. So i wrap my arms around Tobias and we head back to our room.

When we reach the room we change and slip under the covers. The windows cracks just a bit. Enough for the cool breeze to chill our skin. This makes the warmth from Tobias warm me. The loose silky black muscle shirt and shorts i wear are even colder on my body which makes me cuddle up to Tobias's topless torso. He doesn't object. He just slips his hand under my shirt around my waist resting his hand on my lower back. More chills rush through my body. We have been together for a while now and i still get butterflies when he touches me. I fall asleep to the thumbing of his heart.

The next morning I wake up to Tobias looking at me curling my hair in between his fingers, with his other arm wrapped around me.

"Good morning, Love" He says smiling. Then he presses his soft lips onto my forehead.

"Morning" I reply smiling also. I love waking up to him. He makes me forget whats happening around us. Its just me and him when were together. Nothing else, no one else.

"Todays the training center day, hey?" His smile goes away and mine soon follows.

"Guess so" I say. "But hey. Theres better things to talk about. Like we can have Dauntless cake for breakfast, isn't that just great" I smirk and give him a wink.

"Oh Im sure you want to talk about that" He says also with a grin. He comes so close to my face that when he talks his lips rub against mine.

Whispering he says. "I know how you love your Dauntless cake."

"Same goes for you" I whisper back.

After breakfast we get dressed and ready for the training center. I get dressed in a black tight tee shirt that has a v neck, neck line and black spandex leggings with pockets up and down the sides. My hair is up. But it has gotten so long and thick the weight of it pulls down cause it to be more down then up. I match my outfit with runners. Tobias is in something very similar. Black v neck tee shirt and black jeans. His hair is dried weird. Instead of his longish hair falling over his face its swept backwards. His hands more then often pushing it that way. His eyes are very visible now. I don't remember the last time i could see his face so clearly.

The train we take to the Training center is the same one we took to ride here. It has a couple benches. Tobias and I sit on one side of the bench where a young man sits on the other side. he's wearing Erudite blue.

"Im Turner." He says. "Im going to be mentoring you two before the games start."

"How do you know what your doing if you have never been in one before?" Tobias asks. Good question. How does he know how to survive if he has never experienced the games?

"Each mentor is from a faction. Your lucky you got me." He says. "Each faction has their own ways to survive. Dauntless can fight. Which is a big advantage. Erudite are smart. They can find water, shelter, food. They know how to kill someone with a finger. Abnegation, I doubt they will win. But if you ally with one they will be sure to protect you know matter what. Their kindness will get them a long way in the games. Candor too. They will be honest with you. They have to be honest with you. You want to know where food is? They will tell you. Another good ally. Then there is Amity. They are all about peace. So they cant hurt you. They can help you. They are over all strong, kind people. So try to ally with them." Its all starting to make sense.

Turner continues. "You two are Dauntless so you know how to fight. And you have a Erudite mentor. One of you is sure to win the games."

Tobias and I look at each other. The only thing i can think of is 'one of us'.

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