The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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9. Caroline

The hard, metal table I lay on is also cold giving me goosebumps across my almost naked body. Two people, who wear all white, put hot wax all over my body ripping off what's suppose to be hair but also a layer of my skin. Every time they tug my skin burns a little more and I can feel the heat rising from the center of my body, hitting the surface causing my skin to be blotchy and hot. Next they pull out long pointy things that look familiar. Tweezers. I remember Christina tried to pluck my eyes brows before Dauntless was going to attack Erudite. Of course i objected and got what i wanted. I tried again this time but its no use. The waxing probably hurts way more then plucking out my eye brows. Soon what was once my eyebrows is replaced by a thin straight line and my body feels naked and sore from all the pulling. Next they brush my hair and trim the ends. The last person who cut my hair for me was my mom before the tests that told me i was Divergent. After that I cut it short. But it has grown back and i haven't bothered to cut it again. So the ends are frayed and choppy. But not for long. My hair falls over my chest, the tips end all at the same time and my hair is washed and combed throughly. Next they move on to my eyes. They use more tweezers to glue more eyelashes on. One by one. To my surprise it doesn't take that long. Now my eyelashes are as full as my mothers. Except hers were real and mine are glued on. After doing that and glossing my lips they leave. Finally i get to massage my sore body and not look weak. But it isn't long until another person comes in. A girl. Shes tall and has fair skin. Her hair is black. But doesn't look dyed or fake. It looks natural and glossy. Its also long and ends right around her waist. With a nice wave to it. Her lips are blood red, and full and her nose is tiny. Her smile is very bright and white. And it doesn't seem to go away. And although her smile makes her seem happy her black, thick shaped eyebrows are curved into each other making her seem seem sad.

"Hello, Tris." Her big seaweed green eyes dig into mine. "My name is Caroline, I will be designing your dress that you will be wearing for your interview and every other event." Her smile is still strong when she says that. But then it vanishes. "I want you to know that i do not support this, and I'm here to help you do whatever you can to survive this. And although being your designer for clothes isn't much of a help, sponsors are. She grabs my one hand in both of hers. They are warm and soft. Her nails are black and long and pointed.

"I want to make sure you know that you can get through this. And i will do everything i can to help you and Tobias stay alive." She says. "I know what its like getting someone who means so much to you ripped away in seconds."

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