The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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6. Arrival

The train me and Tobias ride in are much like the trains Dauntless use to get from place to place. The only difference is theres seats. I sit in the bench across from Tobias. His eyes are locked on his hands that lie in his lap. My eyes are locked on him. We have been on this train for a while now and he has not said a single word to me. So I decide its my turn to try.

"Im sorry" I lie. But i know its what he wants to hear. "I know it was stupid of me to risk my life again." Another lie. "But i hope you know i did it for you. And out of love" Finally the truth.

His eyes slowly move up soon at mine. " I know." His eyes drawn back down. About 45 minutes later we reach wheres suppose to the end of the fence but land extends and the fence is moved downwards. One side theres buildings. That look new. And one the other side grass.

The train stops with a jerk. Tobias and I are asked to get off the train and enter the building that looks about 6 or 7 stories high. When we enter the first thing that catches my eyes is the giant sparkly light that dangles from the roof. One walls painted light blue while the others are white. The ground is a white marble colour and directly in front of us is a glass elevator that we are directed to go in.

The elevator moves slowly. Not like the Dauntless ones at all. As we move up we can see the stories as we pass. The first one the walls are black and white. On one wall there is a giant scale painted on it and the floors are mostly a white marble but if you look close enough you can see little black specks. The counters match the floor also. Condor. The next floor the walls are green and theres a brown tree painted on it. The floor is carpet that looks much like grass. Long, green. And as i can see there is no marble present. Just wood. This must be Amity. The third story we pass the walls are blue with a big black eye painted on it. The floors are silver, it looks like metal. And the counters match. They look a lot like the labs Erudite use to test serums. Next floor the walls are grey. Theres black hands painted on one wall, and the counters, floor and tables are made out of a light coloured wood. Theres no decorations. This story doesn't look as fancy as the others. And i know as soon as i see it that its Abnegation.

The elevator stops. Theres only one story left which is Dauntless. When we step out of the elevator It feels a lot like home. The walls are black. Of course. There is a red fire painted on the wall behind the dark red table. The chairs are the same colour. And so are the counters. They are all marble. And although the ground is black also it doesnt blend in to the walls, to my left the wall is replaced with window and out i can see the mostly grass. Right below theres a couple buildings but not much. Theres black leather couches by the window. And directly in front of me theres a hallway. I kick off my shoes and make my way down the hall. When i walk down it I see three bedrooms. I decide to take the end one. Share it with Tobias if he's not mad at me. Its big, with a wide bed. The bed frame is black and the back board is tall. The sheets are a dark red and and is tight too the wide mattress. Its also low to the ground but doesn't seem that way because its on a step. The ground in here is much warmer then in the main room. Its covered with a rug that feels comforting between my toes. The lights are dim and on the black shiny bed side tables there lit candles that spread the scent of cinnamon throughout the room.

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