The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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11. Apologize James?

My heart skips. He will die in order for Tobias to live. Or he will live and Tobias will die. Or he will save me. And both will die. I lost so many people i cant loose them too. I want to go up to him. Inform him who hes fighting with. But just as i take the next step i get pushed up on stage by a government worker. In front of be is lights. That's all i see. But my eyes soon adjust and i see five rows of people from different factions. On stage i see a seat that empty and a seat that has a man in it. He looks young but once i start walking toward him, his wrinkles get more visible. He has black, sort hair and big hazel eyes. Although he could have been an attractive man half of his face is taken up by his big, black, bushy eyebrows. And his teeth are a bit crooked and stain yellow. But he still looks likes very nice man. Behind him is a giant screen with a picture of my face and my name projected on it. How did he get a picture of me looking right into the camera? The muzzled sound of clapping soon becomes crystal clear and I finally realize hes talking.

"Tris! My dear come sit!" He stands and gestures me over. So I walk faster and shake his hand. Then we both sit. The chairs look very comfy but are truly not. They are as hard as rock!

"How are you?" He says. I don't know what to tell him. The truth? Or what they want to hear. 

Well i'm about to go into an arena and die. Either my brother or the person i love just as much as family is going to die, or all three of us. I'm better as ever! I think to myself. Im sure if i say that while getting recorded ill be dead before i get to the arena. I cant help myself but i laugh a bit. He gives me a weird look. I should probably answer him before he starts asking questions i don't want to answer.

" I'm very good! Everything's going so well and i'm happy to be here, the very first Dauntless girl to be in the Faction Games! It brilliant!" I say with a giant smile on my face. I turn to see Tobias with a smirk on his face. He knows i'm lying. I hope hes the only one. "How are you?" I return the question hoping it will make him talk more then me.

" I'm fantastic! I get to meet all the wonderful tributes!" He replies with a smile as big as mine. He might be lying, like me, i don't want to be here, so i hide it with a smile. "Now, back to you. Tell me about yourself." What do you want me to say.

"I should specify a bit shouldn't i?" He asks me. I don't want to talk, so i just nod. "Do you have any siblings? If so what factions are they in?" He looks me dead in the eye. He probably knows I have to fight against my brother. Maybe hes not so nice after all

"Yes, I have a brother from Erudite." I reply.

"Does he know your here? I bet hes very happy for you!" He says back.

"I don't think he knows i'm here. And I think he would be happy."

"Why do you think he would be happy. I bet hes watching this right now! I bet he is very happy for you!" I feel heat raising through my body. You think he would be happy to see me get sent to my potential death? How sick do you have to be to say that to someone who's going to die.

"Well-" I stop to inform him i want to know his name.

"James" He says.

"Well James. The fact that hes the boy tribute for Erudite gives me the idea that hes not that happy i'm here. I doubt he would what to kill his own sister, although he did try before, so you never know." I give him a smirk and see that my minute to talk is now blinking 00:00. So instead of being dismissed i decide to do it myself. I don't think he will mind. 

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