The Faction Games(Divergent and The Hunger Games)

When the Faction Games( The hunger games and divergent) is introduced to the 5 factions. 10 children has to fight to the death. But who will survive?

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8. All better. Almost.

In the morning i notice Tobias is gone. So i get up and through on a black silky blouse and shorts that match that i found in the dresser. After i change i walk to the bathroom and untangle the knots with my fingers. After that I splash cold water on myself to wake myself up and head out to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. Tobias is standing there chewing on a piece of toast and smiling at me.

"Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?" I wish i could think his smile was a smirk but its more warming and gentle than that. I want to be mad at him but how can I with his big blue eyes staring at me like I did nothing wrong. He puts down his plate and walks toward me grabbing my waist and pulling me into him. My body is telling me to hold him but my minds telling me i cant. So instead i just push him away and turn, about to walk away. But he stops me before i can.

"Whats wrong?" He's playing dumb. He must be a very good actor because he actually sounds convincing. But i just decide to play along.

"Why do you care so much about someone you don't love?" I almost shout. My eyes fill with tears but i cant let them fall. At first he looks confused but then that look goes away.

"Your talking about last night?" He looks down. And his grip on me loosens. I don't need to say anything, he knows what I'm talking about. "I didn't say i love you back because i didn't think you needed me to remind you. But if it makes you feel better, I will always love you."

He looks up at me and releases my arm, but i grab his. And at this moment it doesn't feel like we are in a building preparing to die in the next couple days. Because I'm lost in his eyes. And it seems as if he's lost in mine.

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