#O.C.D (Sequel to #Selfie)

Zayn, Hannah and Niall all just moved to America to start their new life traveling the country going form faire to faire. Things are going great for the first week or two but what happens when people begin to flirt with Hannah? What happens when Hannah say's Zayn is being too protective? Is Zayn is too obsessed with keeping Hannah safe? Hannah has no where to go if things go wrong with her and Zayn, so what will happen.


6. Chapter 6

We are on week three of the faire and I am out of in-scents. I need to go up and get more supplies and Zayn and Niall are both still asleep. I get out of bed and get dressed in the dark not even looking at what I am throwing on. When I have the clothes on, I look down and see that I have on black leather tights with my hot pink crop top and my combat boots. Not bad for getting dressed in the dark. I quickly fix my makeup from the previous day and then brush through my hair before grabbing the truck keys and heading out. Before I left I wrote Zayn a note explaining that I would be back in a few and that I just had to go and get supplies for my work.

When I was on the road, I typed in the address of the place Niall and I went to last time to get supplies. It said that it would only take me about 45 minutes to get there. Well- this should be a fun ride. 

I was driving down the road when I noticed how pretty Texas actually was. The sand looked so soft and smooth in some spots and then rough in the other spots. There were cacti everywhere and occasionally I would see a nasty spider or a snake. Snakes don't bother me- the giant freaky spiders are what freak me the hell out!

I wasn't on the road for long when I decided I wanted to listen to the radio. When I found a station that I seemed to like for the time being, I put my full attention back onto the road but when I looked up I saw a car heading straight towards me.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

When I woke up and stretched out and didn't feel Hannah, I freaked out a little. I got out of bed and began searching the RV for any sign of her. I couldn't find her anywhere and I was beginning to freak out. I was about to rush outside to go find her when I saw a note taped to the  wall.


I went out to go get supplies for my wonderful smelly sticks (lol)! Sorry I left before you were awake but I needed to hurry and get the supplies so I could make them all before the next faire day and I didn't want to wake you! You looked so peaceful!

I love you!,

Hannah <3

I let out a heavy sigh and set the note down. I was relieved but at the same time, this was stressful. I went back to the room and grabbed my phone to call her.

RING- RING- RING- "Hi, you have reached Hannah's phone! Sorry I can't get to the phone right now but if you leave me a message then I might get back to you! Wink, wink! But seriously leave me a message! Love you! Bye!" her voicemail said.

"Hannah, beautiful, you could have woken me up! I would have loved to come with you! When you get this call me back! I love you babe!"

I hung up the phone and went out to the kitchen to grab some food. Niall was walking out of his room scratching the back of his head and yawning.

"What's up man?" he asked coming up and dropping down in the booth.

"Nothing much, Hannah went out to get supplies for her stuff."

"She call you and tell you that?"

"No, she left a note but I tried to call her and she didn't answer." 


"No, it's kinda got be freaked out-"

I was cut off from finishing my sentence when my phone rang. I looked down expecting it to be Hannah but instead it was a call from an unknown number. I looked up at Niall and held my finger up signaling for him to hold on.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello, I'm Officer Smith with the State of Texas Police Department. Is the Zayn Malik?" he stated.

"Umm, yes. May I ask why you are calling?"

"Are you the boyfriend of Hannah-"

"Yes- what happened!?" 

"Well, she has  been in a really bad accident and we decided to call you."

"In an accident!? What happened?!"

"She was hit but a sleeping driver. The driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel and went right into Hannah's lane of traffic-"

"Where is she now!?" I asked in a panic.

"She is being taken to the nearest hospital-"

"I'll be there." I said hanging up the phone not listening to what the officer had left to say.

I grabbed the keys for the truck that hauled the RV and went outside. Niall was following closely behind me freaking out as well because he heard the whole conversation but he knew that talking wasn't the best thing right now. We both got into the truck and I sped off towards the nearest hospital in complete silence as my hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.



Hey guys! Sorry i haven't updated this in forever! I have been extremely busy and trying to finish getting baby things for when my son is born! I know it is short but I wanted to add twist to the story because I have been meaning to and I know you guys have been patiently waiting!! I love you guys! I hope you like it!!!!

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