#O.C.D (Sequel to #Selfie)

Zayn, Hannah and Niall all just moved to America to start their new life traveling the country going form faire to faire. Things are going great for the first week or two but what happens when people begin to flirt with Hannah? What happens when Hannah say's Zayn is being too protective? Is Zayn is too obsessed with keeping Hannah safe? Hannah has no where to go if things go wrong with her and Zayn, so what will happen.


5. Chapter 5

We were both surprised when Ed showed up at the shop because we weren't expecting him but he sure as hell was here and he sure as hell know's how to make an awkward situation. The more awkward part is the fact that he kept staring at me.

"I'll be out back if you need me," I said moving away from Zayn and walking outback.

As much as I already don't like Ed, he is our boss right now and if I do something bad then Zayn, Niall and I all get in trouble and I don't need that happening. Just because I have a shitty past doesn't mean I have to bring that into all of our lives now. Ed might not like me and I might not like him but I still have to at least respect him enough to get through this faire and onto the next. I wasn't out back waiting for long when Zayn came out looking for me.

"Hey babe," I cooed. "What did he want?"

He smiled as he came up to me, "It was good news actually."

"What was it?"

" He came to say he was surprised at how well our shop did and that we were one of the few who made the most money here today!"

"Oh my god no way!?"


"We need to celebrate!- What about the wolf run??"

"I mean, I wouldn't mind doing it if it didn't involve running naked around faire at midnight-"

"Oh come one! You did it at the faire back home-"

"Where you spring on me when I did it?" he enquired while giving me a sexy stare down.

I could feel myself turning a bright shade of pink as he figured out that I was. The smile on his face grew and I buried my face in his chest to hide  the fact that I am blushing like crazy!

"I think it's cute," he chuckled. "Okay, we can do the wolf run but you gotta stay with me the whole time and if anybody tries to look at you or anything, you stand behind me?"

I removed my face from his chest and looked up at him. The image of me standing naked behind Zayn while he is naked wanting to beat the shit out of another man made me laugh uncontrollably.  Not to sound like a perv or anything but just because I think Zayn looks amazing naked, doesn't mean other people will- especially other men trying to flirt with me or stare at my naked body- but hey I get to be a part of the wolf run along side Zayn- tonight will be a good night.

"Okay, deal." I laughed.


Zayn and I were in our robes and flip flops walking to our shop to do the wolf run when it began to rain! We both looked up at the sky as if surprised because- we are in Texas!? It only rains a few times out of the year here? Who cares! I love the rain!.

I laughed and looked at Zayn with the biggest smile on my face. It was midnight and the moon was already full. I grabbed his hand and we ran to the shop and ditched our robes. Before we took off around the actual faire, we looked at each other. I was still smiling as I took the back of his neck and brought his face down to mine and gave him a long and teasing kiss before dragging him by his hand out of the shop and through the faire. 

The rain on my bare skin made me shiver but it was a good feeling because I missed the ran and the rain made things more sensual between Zayn and I. The dirt below our feet was warm and soft and coming up onto our feet. As gross as it was, I don't care because Zayn is right by my side enjoying this just as much as me.

We did two full rounds around the faire before we stopped to catch our breath. I let out huge breaths of air as the other faire people passed us screaming. I will admit it was awkward standing here naked but I look up at Zayn and see that he is feeling the same way. I stood up and inched closer to him with a wicked smile on my face. I was pressed up to him when I stopped and he smiled down at me and laced his fingers through my hair. I giggled and began pressing delicate kisses along his jaw, neck and collarbone making him groan slightly. His fingers untangled from my hair and traveled down my body lifting my up by my thighs and carrying my into the shop closing the door behind us and pressing me up against the wall.

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