#O.C.D (Sequel to #Selfie)

Zayn, Hannah and Niall all just moved to America to start their new life traveling the country going form faire to faire. Things are going great for the first week or two but what happens when people begin to flirt with Hannah? What happens when Hannah say's Zayn is being too protective? Is Zayn is too obsessed with keeping Hannah safe? Hannah has no where to go if things go wrong with her and Zayn, so what will happen.


4. Chapter 4

Today is the first day at this faire and the weather is just terrible! It's literally 98 degrees out here- like, how do people live in this? And apparently that this feels good because it's not their usual temperature of like 110 degrees? Who has that type of weather?? It's so hot that Zayn personally installed fans at the top of the shop and then put a  fake ceiling that was practically see through to cover them but be able to still feel the wind of the fans. Ugh, we need out 50 and 60 degree weather back!

When it was finally time to open shop- Zayn, Niall and myself were scrambling around trying to add all the finishing touches and it wasn't long after the gates opened that people began swarming in.

within the first hour along I had tons of people asking stupid questions. How much is this? What is this scent? Where do I pay? Seriously just look at the pieces of paper I have below the in-scents. It says what the name of the scent is and how much it is and I think the paying part should be obvious. I mean, there are only two stations to pay at and there is only one that I am standing at.

Then around 1 or 1:30, this lady decided to get into an argument with me about how she does't think it's a good idea to put 'creepy' art work and 'weird smelling in-scents' in the same store. Okay, first this isn't a store. It's a shop. Second my boyfriends artwork isn't 'creepy' and thirdly my in-scents don't 'smell weird' so fuck off. I am not gonna have some overweight American try to tell me about our things. If you don't like what we sell here then do not come in and rant about it. We don't care. If you don't wanna buy our stuff then that is fine so you can go on with your uneducated self.

And don't even get me started on the men! They are so damn rude it's unbelievable! I have at least two or three dozen guys stop and check me out and half of them were old creepy men and the other half were guys around Zayn and I's age and then some of them were with women! It is rude to do that kind of stuff! Even if you are with your mom, don't try to check out women or flirt with them because you are with someone no matter if they are family or not! And the terrible pick up lines! I have had about one of each!

Random Person: Did it hurt?

Me: Did what hurt?

Random Person: When you fell from heaven?

Me: I don't know I came up from hell so I wouldn't know.

That shut that guy up. Then theres:

Random Person: Wow, has anyone told you lately how beautiful you are?

Me: Yes: My boyfriend over there tells me everyday- well, more like every hours. SO, yeah. Every chance he gets.

And trust me when I say there is more. It has been pissing me off all day and Niall noticed and obviously said something to Zayn because I noticed Zayn and Niall switch spots. Whenever any other guy would attempt to flirt with me or check me out he would say something and the customer would get pissed. I was glad that he was doing it but he should know that I can handle myself. I know he is just trying to help me but at times it can be a bit annoying to be completely honest… but I love him so that's all that matters.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

About half way through the day Niall came over to me and told me about all the stupid flirting Hanna was receiving and how it looked like it was upsetting her. Niall and I switched spots and I went and answered questions to the customers about the stuff being sold. Being out on the floor made me realize how much she actually does get hit on. I mean I knew she got a ton of second glances from people but I never realized it was this much!

She was really upset or thinking about something and it was bugging me to know that I didn't have to time to have us both step away and talk about it. Jack and Alex said that they might join us on our little endeavor of traveling the U.S. from faire to faire after we tell them about our first faire and how it is in comparison to our back in England. If we can get Jack and Alex to come to America and help then we will be able to actually take breaks during the day and I will be able to talk to Hannah periodically during the day.

But being out on the floor and answering questions is honestly more annoying than standing behind a counter and taking money all day. People here are rude and obnoxious and some of them aren't so smart. So many people have come up and asked me the same question that they heard me answer to the person right before them. I mean, if you hear me answer the question you are gonna ask, don't ask.

When the work day finally ended, I went to speak to Hannah telling Niall I would be right back to help clean up.

"Hey babe," I said coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist .

"Hey there," she giggled.

"I've missed you today!"

"You have seen me all day!" she laughed again turning around and wrapping her arms around my neck.

I gave her a half smile and bent down and kissed her lips. "I just don;t want you to be upset about the stupid flirting you get." I mumbled into the kiss.

She broke the kiss and rested her forehead against mine, "It is something I am going to have to get used to but I think I will be able to manage just fine if I get some of your amazing lovin' afterwards.

I chuckled at this and was about to kiss her when we were interrupted. We both looked up and saw the faire owner. Ed, standing at one of the entrances to the shop.

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