#O.C.D (Sequel to #Selfie)

Zayn, Hannah and Niall all just moved to America to start their new life traveling the country going form faire to faire. Things are going great for the first week or two but what happens when people begin to flirt with Hannah? What happens when Hannah say's Zayn is being too protective? Is Zayn is too obsessed with keeping Hannah safe? Hannah has no where to go if things go wrong with her and Zayn, so what will happen.


3. Chapter 3

Knowing that we were now making Niall's life a living hell, we decided to do the rest of the work of the shop. Yeah, we could have been done yesterday but without Niall it took longer. Though we can;t blame Niall because we wouldn't let him help us at all. I mean, him listening to us having sex should be enough work for him right now!

It was Thursday though and the guy who owns the faire was supposed to come by the shop and make sure we finished. Of course Zayn didn't wake me up when he left to go meet the guy and now I am scrambling to get dressed and ready for the day to go down and met the guy as well.

I quickly grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a loose tank top with my black bralet and one of Zayn's leather jackets. I couldn't seem to find any of my bots so I just grabbed Zayn's and threw them on.Yeah, they were a little big but they still looked good on me!

I brushed through my hair and threw on some black eyeliner, black eyeshadow and some mascara and ran out the door towards the shop. It wasn't a far run but I also just woke up 10 minutes ago and I was still waking up so I probably looked really stupid trying to hurt to the shop.

"You didn't wake me up babe," I said walking in through the back door out of breath.

I looked up, still trying to catch my breath, and saw Zayn shaking the hand of a really weird looking man. He was old and shabby and he looked as if someone pushed him into the dirt. He smelled of an offensive odor and I wasn't exactly close to him but the smell was overwhelming.

"Umm, hi darling." Zayn smiled awkwardly. "This is Ed, the owner of the faire."

"Nice to meet you," I said walking up to him to shake his hand.

He let go of Zayn's hand and simply turned towards me and looked at my hand. I awkwardly put my hand down and out my hands behind my back. I looked over at Zayn then at the ground because Ed was still staring at me awkwardly.

"I don't allow random people to wander my faire when it's not open or before or after hours." he spat towards Zayn.

His eyes got huge," No sir! This is my girlfriend who works with me and sells in-scents!" he defended.

Ed looked back at me and rolled his eyes before walking towards the back door, "If I like you guys then I'll keep ya. If not you leave as soon as faire is over." he said before leaving.

I could tell Zayn was mad at me so I kept quiet. Honestly, if he didn't want me to come then he could have just said so but I am a part of this so I deserved to meet the guy.

"Hannah, why did you come? I left you in the RV asleep for a reason," he huffed.

"Because I deserve to meet the guy as well.' I whispered.

"Yeah, but I needed to convince him to let us keep the shop-"

"Why couldn't I be there for that!?"

"I'm the one who will be doing the majority of the sales!"

"What does that mean?! I won't do as good as you because I sell stupid smelly sticks!?"

"That's not even what I said!"

"No, it's what you insinuated!"

"I did not!"

"Yes, you did! "


"You said you were gonna make most of the sales! What about me?! I might do good!"

"No! You will do great! You know why?! Because you are amazing and wonderful and because I- Hannah, I hate fighting with you…"

"…I know."

"We need to figure out a way to stop this because I don't want it to end up tearing us apart-"

"No, we don't need to figure it out because if this is who we are then this is us. After every fight things between us grow stronger and- yeah, we don't have a perfect relationship but its a relationship that we both love being in and are willing to fight for."

He smiled and walke dup to me pulling me into a hug. For some reason his hugs always seemed to make things better and made me feel better about myself. I wrapped my arms around his torso and squeezed tightly. I know how much he enjoyed my hugs and kisses because he would always tell me about how much he loved them. He would always beg for me and I loved it!

He pulled away and looked down at me, "What do you say we go explore the town and find a bunch of random stuff we don't need?"

"Let's do it!" I smiled.

He bent down and kissed my lips ever so sweetly before taking my hand and leading me out of the shop.


We found so many places in town that were filled with so much random and useless stuff! Literally you can get anything here! I mean in one shop we found a pigs skull that they will personally engrave whatever we want into! That's so nasty!!!

We went to so many thrift stores too because there was a strip of them down a whole street! Store after store of used clothes for us to dig through and buy! I got like 12 new skirts for faire and a few of them for just me! Tons of shirts and some of them were defiantly just for Zayn's eyes (wink, wink) and everything! Zayn found a bunch of new black skinny jeans and leather jackets he can wear. I must admit that some of the things he found and got were really good looking and I know that he is gonna have girls staring at him.

That's a big no no in my book. Anybody who tries to flirt with my man is gonna have problems with me. Yeah, I know Zayn can jealous but so can I really hate it when I see girls looking at him when they think I'm not. Trust me, I have eyes in the back of my head and I see everything believe me.

Anyways, the back of the truck was completely full by the time we were finished. When we take our clothes to be washed, we are gonna have to stuff everything in the back and if Niall has anything then he might have to take a separate trip to wash them. Luckily I found a clothes wash that is open 24/7 so that is good for us because everybody knows that we are defiantly not morning or afternoon people. The weekends is the only time we actually get up. Except these past few weeks because we have been working out butts off! We will most likely go at night when there is almost nobody there.

We really just are antisocial. It's hard to believe because I used to be the most social person out there- even though it was fake it's really hard to believe Zayn was able to get the real me to come back out.





Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter! This is more of just a filler chapter! I have been uber busy and I didn't wanna keep you guys waiting!!! 

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