Harry Potter facts

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Harry Potter facts. ( This is not my original idea. I'm sorry if I use any of your facts that you already have. I found some online. Copyright.)


11. more facts

10. Neville could have been the chosen one.    (That would have been awesome. I love Neville)

11. Oliver Phelps could only do five takes on Fred's death. seeing his brother pretending to be dead was to emotionally exausting to him.

12. Expecto Patronum literally translates "I Await a guardian" in latin.

13. Evanna Lynch,11, was let out of the hospital for an hour to get her Harry Potter book signed. J.K. Rowling said that is she bet anorexia she could play Luna. She played Luna :)

14. Some of the portraits in Hogwarts are actually portraits of the producers.

15. The pain in Harry's scar was the horocrux trying to leave him.

16.Emma Watson broke her wrist during filming of the second movie. Her cast is seen under her sleeve in a few shots.

17.Daniel and Rupert both agree to having a crush on Emma Watson in earlier films.

18. Ron's boggart changed from spiders to seeing Hermione in pain.

19. Harry's scream after Sirius' death was cut because it was to agonizing.

20. On the last day of filming, Rupert gave Daniel and Emma a trumpet for no reason. That is just hoe he is.


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