2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2.

5SOS is supposed to be here today, and I'm literally freaking out. What if we accidentally run into each other? What if he knows who I am? He can't know who I am, not that he would.

I decided to call Tey over to see if she wanted go somewhere with Jessie to get my mind off of Luke.

*knock knock*

"Come in!"

"Hey Ry, hiii Jessie!"

"Hey, you ready?"

She nodded and we headed out to the car.

I buckled Jessie in her car seat and hopped in the drivers seat.

"So how are you, really?" Tey asked quietly.

"Very nervous." I faked a smile,

"We'll no matter what happens I'm here." She smiled

I smiled in return and looked in the rear view mirror. Jessie was sitting there grinning ear to eat and chewing on her teddy bear.

"So Jessie, where do you want to go today?"

"Hmm da zoo!"

I laughed and said okay.

Once we finally arrived to the zoo, we payed to go see the animals and went in.

Jessie started running towards the monkeys, Tey and I following close behind, while chatting about random things.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

People started giving us weird looks from me being a teen mom.

"Yes, sweetie?" I laughed

"Can I hafe a monk at home?" she smiled

"I'm sorry sweetie, we can't have these animals in here." Tey started laughing at us, and I joined too.

I picked up Jessie and we started walking to the other animals. We were going to buy some lunch, when Tey stopped dead in her tracks.

"Tey? What's wrong?"

"Ryliegh. I think I just saw Luke and his friends, over by the zebras." She told me, quietly freaking out.

I looked over at the the zebras and sure enough there was Luke and the rest of the boys. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was still very attractive. That lip ring, and you can see the shine from his eyes from here.

"Mommy, I want to see da sebras again now" Jessie whined

"Jessie we have to go now. We'll come back another time."

I put her down and went to grab her hand, when I couldn't find it. I looked down and Jessie was running over to the zebras.

"Jessie! Jessie! Come back here now!" I yelled, not caring about the looks. Tey and I were running now, Jessie was sitting there watching them. She was only about 2 people away from them. I caught up to her and grabbed her.

"Jessie Mae. You do not run away like that, you scared me half to death. Please don't do that sweetie." I hugged her, and picked her up. I turned around to have Calum walking towards Tey. I nudged her to get her to notice him.

"Hello, may I say your daughter is very adorable." He smiled, playing with her fingers.

"Thank you, Ca-" I stopped myself before I could finish my sentence. I don't want them knowing I know them.

He chuckled, and turned to Tey,

"Hello beautiful" He winked at her.

She blushed badly, and titled her head down. She thanked him, and they ended up talking about nothing.

Jessie and I started walking towards the monkeys a little bit away, we were at the gates of them laughing at them.

"Hi, you look very familiar I must say." Oh no.. I slowly turned around knowing who's the voice is.

I chuckled nervously, and went back to the monkeys. I just really don't want to interact with him whatsoever. I may sound like a bitch, but he will just make my life harder then it already is. I could still feel his presence behind me, I turned around to face him,

"Could I help you at all?" I asked rudely

"Nope" he replied cockily

I shook my head and picked up Jessie. I started walking away when someone grabbed my arm, I turned around see Luke.

"Let go of me right Luke, I don't want to be near you, stay away from Jessie and I" I whispered/yelled.

He looked taken back by my outburst,

"Hey, I just wanted to see if you would like to go out sometime?" he smiled,

I shook my head, rolled my eyes and walked back to where Teyanna was flirting with Calum. I grabbed her arm and started pulling her away.

"Omg, Calum asked me out to dinner tomorrow!" she screeched, she turned around blushing to make sure he didn't hear.

"That's great! at least one of us had a good time" I mumbled.

"What happened, what did Luke say?"

"He said I looked familiar, I didn't answer turned around walking away then he grabbed my arm and asked me if I wanted to go out sometime" I answered,

"What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything, I shook my head and walked away back to you"

She nodded knowing I didn't want to talk about it.

"mommy I'm hungry"

"Don't worry sweetie, Aunty Tey is gonna stay over and were gonna eat when we get home, okay?"

She nodded and started clapping. I smiled at her.


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